I caught the early train, which was late. I was home before six and thought I would be nice and start dinner because Eric and I had been talking about food the entire ride home. Wondering what I was going to make, I started to clean out the sink a bit and to my utter disgust saw that it was clogged. No problem, thought I, nothing a little plunging won’t fix. Twenty minutes later I sent Tim out to buy dryno and spooned the water into a cup to dispose of in the bathroom (four trips). It smelled terrible, and the goo covered my arms. After dumping the dryno in the sink to set, I took a nap, dinner be damned.

After an hour I got up and it was still light out. I love the extra hour of light. I will gladly give up another hour of my day if it means I can have another hour of light at the end the day. The house was freezing from the lake wind, and I couldn’t think of anything to eat. I made some chicken soup, and then some tomato pesto pasta with greens, and a beer to settle down and watch SG1. After SG1 I went with Mischa (Tim was a pheonix at the end of a cycle) to this place called Watusi for Aric’s 26th birthday. Watusi was an ultra-lounge place that I didn’t figure out was a resturant until this morning. It was very…hipstery. Not a place you would walk too, a place where berets and off shoulder shirts are welcome, with careful boredom and messy boys. The bartender was something else though, I even took a picture of him…he was too much. The music was appropriate for a bowling ally with items such as Poison and Gun’s N Roses, but since it was in this ultralounge it was kitcke cool. Those crazy kids. I had a cupcake and the unlucky opportunity to see Jackass ….again. Kill me next time it is on. Please. Someone. Friends don’t let friends watch Jackass.

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