July Photos #2

So much for that next day business….

We had a 4th of July party, and here are some pictures from that.

Soren and his father.

Tim cooked enough food for 30 on our charcoal grill that was gifted to us (quite used) from our old friend Phil before he moved away out east. We are hardcore like that. :P

Since it has been a week since I looked at these, I had picked two that best captured “spur of the moment snapshot of party” — it was this one

or maybe it was this one …

Good friends Sigrid and Laima were there too.

Here is a picture of my cute little nephew Auggie and his Dad (Mark).

We did a few fireworks — Sparklers and Popits! I was quite surprised that Neeners was willing to hold a sparkler. Morella later got up the nerve when it was dark.

I hired a 9 year old Mother’s Helper this summer to play with the girls while I got a little breathing room. Here they are sitting out in the front yard coloring.

We went to La Fete de Marquette one night and ran into Morella’s friend Chloe and her hooping Momma. Here she beguiles them with some glow in the dark hooping.

We also went to a twin birthday party. The girls had a blast and we got this great shot of “crows on a fence” – eating cake and ice cream.

Eventually Morella had to jump off the step and show us some dance moves.

Another day we went out for a farewell lunch at Monty’s Blue Plate with fellow playgroup Mom/Book Club member and her daughter Aubrey. They moved away east to start a new life and will be missed very much.

One afternoon I kept my promise to Morella to go to Olbrich Gardens (one of her favorite places) and the kids cooled off in the fountains — only touching water shooting up. No stones were stepped upon. Here is Neeners — I love this photo and I think it will be framed.

One of the things we like to do at Olbrich is play Spot the Bride — especially if it is a Friday or Saturday.

Just follow the beige, recycled environmentally friendly plank road!

I know, a lot of people told me it would happen, and it was hard to keep the faith and believe it those first few 17 months — but now I can see it for the truth – BFF’s. :)

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