I do hereby solemnly vow that I will never make any of you fill out a questionnaire testing how well you know me, or THINK you may know me. I have only done that once, and then I had to do it because it wasn’t my idea, but it was my bridal shower and I had to be a good sport. Some things are better left unsaid right?

Finished Perdido Street Station last night..finally. That book took TOO long…all because I gave up … five pages before it got interesting and read two books in between that. I need to update my current book and add those I have finished into the book section. I forgot the link Tim made for me though….and he keeps forgetting to tell me. :( But, right now I am reading King Rat, Mieville’s first book before Perdido. After that I have the Scar to read…and in between snacks are the years best in Scifi and the Nanny Diaries.

The was COLD! …er apartment. Cold cold cold. It took some serious snuggling to warm up and finally go to sleep. Sometimes living right next ot the lake can have negative effects. Played that word game from popcap.com…listened to some music and my darling complain and came up with the idea of starting a little side business with Eric (it would pay for the laptop I want…)..

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