St. Dennis, brunch, 13th anniversary

Already it’s been another buzzing month. I am okay with that, I am — because I know that winter is going to be long and boring.

Today we had a mega garage sale day hitting the neighborhood’s in Cottage Grove with Lowen and Soren. We stopped for a nice long picnic at a local park after getting lunch at Piggly Wiggly (where we went so Morella could poop. I swear that girl has pooped in that store more times than I can count). While I used to get a lot more stuff, this time I ended up with a bunch of great 4T clothes for Morella, a smoothie/slushie maker (Tim didn’t think it was needed), a little fairy flower village, a toy horse, princess poster, a dinosaur stuffie I thought I could turn into a puppet (Tim later dismissed my idea by saying it was trash), skates you can put on over shoes for .75 cents (princess no less, but another major dissing from the hubs), some two inch ribbons for the girls eventual powwow outfit, and my favorite – a head massager. We also enjoyed some Blue Moon ice cream — okay I actually didn’t enjoy it all that much…yuck. Then I came home and fought the good battle of cleaning up. It is hard to do because as soon as I group toys scattered throughout the house and put them away, the girls drag them out and play with them some more. I guess cleaning them up makes them seem new.

Yesterday we hit up the last Concert on the Square or … The Biggest Picnic ever at Snow White’s Castle. It was fun and I ran into an old high school classmate – that was a blast from the past. We went after Morella’s ballet class and I had cleaned up the car from an exploded bottle of chocolate milk gone bad. We also ran into our old Happy Hour buddy Oliver and caught up a bit. We need to really meet up in September and get the low down on all the details of life changes.

On Monday my friend Ann watched the girls and Tim and I went out on a real date to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. We tried out Edo’s and had sushi and followed it up with Captain America. It’s been a very long time since we did dinner and a movie. I am also quite proud to say that we have always gone out for our anniversary just the two of us. Woo! And for the record, we did like the movie. Earlier I took the girls to the Sun Prairie Aquatic Center for swimming with Lowen and Jason. They didn’t stay long, but the girls had a blast in the pool and in the sand area, which is kind of boring fodder for a couple with a teeny baby. I got to experience the joy of a huge crap in a swim diaper — let’s just say that Morella threw up a little in her mouth when I was changing that nasty diaper.

Sunday was Morella’s soccer game and possibly the worst yet because it was hot and every kid was cranky. We had a hard time keeping any kids on the field for any length of time. Before we went Morella sobbed “I don’t want to go to soccer!” over and over. Sigh. But the kids weren’t the only ones feeling the heat — we all were a little low on our game. Not that it matters, we are having fun right? Teaching valuable life lessons and all that. Also on Sunday, I got our neighbor to babysit and Tim and I met up with Lowen for a Sunday Brunch at Samba’s. I like that place, I do, but I think after going there a few times that my real favorite all you can eat brunch buffet is The Great Dane in Fitchburg. It can’t be beat! Oh and I also went back to St. Dennis for the book sale — which gets ridiculously cheap during the last hours. Fill a bag for $5. Afterward, I used up the rest of my tickets drinking and MGD, eating a hot beef sandwich and people watching church folk. I like how half of the old ladies have flip flops to match their outfits.

Saturday Lowen came over for a homemade breakfast and coffee to gear us up for the St. Dennis Festival — and rummage sale. We left our kids at home and enjoyed a morning of perusing treasures, eating zucchini bread and sipping awful church coffee and later walking with Neeners around the neighborhood sales that take advantage of the festival. Tim was off with Morella at soccer practice and then later playing at the park with the other soccer kids. Later Tim left to attend an all day bachelor party for our old friend Jim. I took the kids across the street and hung out with neighbors while they had a garage sale. There was a water balloon fight involved. In the evening I packed up the kids and hit the Atwood Festival. We looked around for her hooping friends but they were not to be seen, so we ended up by a sprinkler that someone had set up for the kids to play in. It was such a hit, and made even better when some of Morella’s friends and their parents arrived. I was finally able to get a beer from a tent only two tents down. After we closed down the festival we headed over to Ann’s for an after Festival hangout while the kids played merrily. Eventually I had to go home to feed the animals, let the dog out and have the children pass out in bed. It was such a good day.

As you can see, every single day seems to be just chock full of things, and so much of the time I don’t have major plans set out before the day starts. I also didn’t take too many photos because it has been hot and it’s enough to keep up with the kids without melting, much less bust out the camera.

This weekend we are looking at possibly letting Morella go up to her paternal grandparents for a few days to attend Vacation Bible School (really it’s more like Vacation Bible Hours). It would be her first trip up north by herself. She has stayed with them for a week before when we went on vacation when she was 8 months old but hasn’t been separated from us for very long since. I am apprehensive about how it will work out and whether or not one of us will need to make a long distance drive in the middle of the night. Plus, you know, I will miss her. Then again, it build character, right? There is another soccer game, Tim has to work on Saturday and Athena’s 2nd birthday is on Sunday. I don’t have a lot planned for her, though I am currently obsessed with using our Amazon Card rewards on a play cottage for the girls (get rid of the slide grass killer for another plastic toy that they would play actually play with).

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