An few interesting developments are happening right now…too soon to say anything though, although it was enough to trigger the “I have to go back to High School to finish something” dream. This lastest installment, I realized two things: 1. That I was sure I resolved this whole high school thing in a previous dream and had finally graduated or didn’t care any more, and 2. I was too old to be doing this, didn’ t the high school realize I was 23 years old?

Then I woke up and realized….crap, I am older than 23….I am 27, so that makes it even more pathethic. I hate those dreams, they are so pointless. Yes, subconscious…change is on the way and I am do not know yet what is to happen to me in the future…but that is okay. I wish I could be conscious enough to do something cool….but then impressing a bunch of high school figments really isn’t that cool.

I went out to dinner at this turkish eye place with Kate and Eric last night. I was more expensive than we would have liked, and we were the ONLY people there for almost two hours. Only when we left did a confused old man wander in. The place was big with numbered tables, a keyboard/dj set up, a few hookah’s with pillows by the door….and a cooking staff of about 7 with a waitress that seemed unsure of what to do with us. Maybe because we were the ONLY customers or maybe because it was about to turn into a disco and they were waiting for us to leave, or maybe because we weren’t turkish. Afterward Kate dropped Eric and I off at this bar called Hopleaf. Boy is that bar cool, they have a bazillion different kinds of beer and it is priced accordingly (for example a bottle/can of Hubor is 1.50) Most microbrews are 3.50 to strange french beers at 24. I think Tim would really like it, and anyone else that comes to visit that is interested in a beer adventure.

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