Neeners 2nd Birthday

And she even went over one more week…

New born Neeners .. .minutes old. You can see her tooth covered by skin — it emerged a day later.

Eight day old, photo by Sara Lazenby

Six months old

One year old

18 months old

Last day of being one

Two years old! She blew out all of her candles, in a couple of tries, but by golly she did it, without help!

The perfect cake ever — Neeners favorite pony – Pinkie Pie!

I wanted to write her birth story, but I don’t know where my notes are from two years ago, and it’s late and we have to get up super early tomorrow to drive Morella up to her grandparents, were she will stay until Wednesday. Then Grandma will drive her back for her last ballet lesson, and if she wants to go back up, Grandma will drive back her and we’ll meet up on Saturday, when we spend the night for new nephew’s baptism on Sunday. I expected this to be hard on Neeners, who has never been separated from Morella for a day in her life, and Tim and I because we’ll miss her, and maybe her because she will be in a new place. However, she will have grandma, cousins and a fun aunt to distract her. Well, that is the plan anyway. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

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