She’s off! Morella’s first big overnight

Morella left this morning at 7:00 to be handed over to her Grandmother in Fond Du Lac for an exchange. She left very excited and said with a little pity in her voice “Sorry Neeners, one day you will grow up and go with me, but not now.” I consoled Neeners with a few episodes of Harold and the Purple Crayon that she had gotten from Lowen yesterday. It was her first DVD ever! Anyway, despite crashing yesterday at 5:30 and sleeping through the night (a few wakings for milk) and then up this morning at 6:00 she went down for a nap at 9:40 — leaving me oodles of unexpected me time. I have spent a portion of it moping, writing my Mom, in my journal and thinking about what I want to do the next few days.

I did think to run away with Neeners to visit my brother for a day. Then I thought of all the stuff I could probably accomplish around the house with only one kid messing things up. It’s just a gut reaction to want to go away and do something fun since Morella is, but … yeah. Maybe I just need to slow down and take things a little more easy — though it feels like I do that all the time.

So I was inspired to complete a minigoal of blogging for a week straight, and so this would be day 2.

Projects I want to do:

–take down Neeners crib and store in the basement until I get the guts to throw it away, or whatever. It sucks that we can’t sell it because it’s a drop side..but it does convert to a toddler bed so that should count for something!

–Put the newly painted bookshelf into the girls room and fasten it to the wall

–Go to the bank

–Send a package or two

–Clean up the void that is left from the crib in my room and put all the crap that we had been “storing” in it away

Um. Yeah. I guess for today I will also try and clean up the house and see how much further I can get ahead on that goal with only one kid messing things up.

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