Neeners and the zoo

Whoa, I almost forgot today. I have been luxuriating in the glory of bed time. I mean seriously, Neeners has now gone to bed and stayed there before 7:00 the last three days and it is just amazing. That is one thing that is easier about having one kid than two. When you have two, then you have double the chance that they won’t go to bed on time, and get up multiple times. I watched a movie tonight for heaven’s sakes and was done by 9:00. Normally if I want to watch a movie I don’t get to finish it until midnight, which is a big part of the reason I haven’t been watching movies lately. Though I did manage to watch Scott Pilgrim VS the World. Wait, let me rephrase that, I mean I got to finish watching it. We have technically been watching it for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Anyway, we liked it. It made us feel young and hip again.

Grandma called yesterday and told us that Morella was crying and wanted to go home — after she had gotten up from a late nap. We advised them to give her ice cream and let her watch TV. Ha ha, that is just so funny to me. I don’t actually know what they did but whatever it was it worked. She was fine after that, ate a great dinner and then even went to bed and I assume, slept though the night. No one has called us to frantically go and get her, so I guess it worked out. It turns out that she will not be returning with her Grandma after ballet tomorrow and instead be staying home with us. Her boring old folks and annoying little sister. But we all head back up there on Saturday for nephew Oberlin’s baptism on Sunday.

I took Neeners to the zoo and ran into my neighbor and Stephanie, who just had a baby in June. I have been so lack on getting to her, making her anything or even sending a stupid card. It was one of those cases, where the longer time went on between the event, the more I felt bad about not doing anything. You know how that goes. We wandered around a bit but Neeners was cranky, again. It was crazy busy there being a cool day and summer time, and after we left to just walk on a bike path I noticed her mood improved considerably. I occurred to me, that perhaps Neeners doesn’t like crowds.

Really? Wow. I wonder what aspect of crowds in particular? Or maybe it is just a continuation of whatever it is that 2 year olds go though. She has been in the terrible twos for months now. I remember Morella was pretty crabby around then but sometime past 2 1/2 she has been a dreamboat. I look forward to having her back. She is always willing to go out and do something or play, unless it is soccer. :P

The rest of the day was me fighting taking a nap because it’s that wretched time of the month, and playing with a volatile Neen Bean. After she crashed at 6:00. She had taken a 10 minute car nap home from the zoo and trader joe’s where I got food for a picnic we were going to do. I told her she couldn’t sleep but if she did she had to promise to take a nap at home. As soon as we got home she was fresh as a daisy and then told me over and over “broke deal Mommy.” No kidding. Tim made lasagna for dinner which was done at 8:00 and has us feeling like a childless couple again. Movie and a late dinner? Wow. I went and voted and took the long way home enjoying the crisp weather.

I know it’s not quite 10 yet, but I am tired and don’t feel good. I ate too much crap today, I feel like crap and probably look like it. I don’t have any motivation to fight the good fight of maintaining the house. A blogger friend has commented that so many days are filled with just doing mundane cleaning where no actual progress is made, and it is so very true with kids. I reminds me of that quote “cleaning the house before the kids are gone is like … oh I forget but it’s pointless. Another night of not studying Ho-Chunk (it’s hard when you have no one except ourselves to talk to or be motivated), I didn’t write my Mom today, I didn’t take that shower and instead dumped colored cornstarch on my hair to absorb the grease, I didn’t read more of my book…but hey I did take the kid to the zoo and I posted here. Right? Oh and I started the dishwasher.

Neeners is crying. Time for bed.

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