Quiet before the Storm

Both Neeners and Soren are sleeping. Tim is off to pick up Morella in Fond Du Lac and I have just folded a pile of laundry, wrote in my journal, wrote some thank you cards and my Mom and ate some lasagna. It is weird to have all this time to myself. Not that I can be loud or do noisy things and I don’t quite know what to do with it, but it is a happy problem.

I took Neeners and Soren to story time at the library this morning. My first in a very long time and once again it was lame. Not because Neeners or Soren was bad but because a day care had showed up and swelled the crowd of kids to 50 in a small room. Neeners and I stood in the way back with another Mom I know and her baby, while her 3 year old was way up front. Neeners mostly just ate snacks and pretended nothing was going on. I could have been standing in the aisle of a grocery store. I am looking forward to when school is back in session and I can have another year of the city all to ourselves. I don’t want to sound snotty or anything, but bus loads of day care kids are getting on my nerves. Every where we go, there they are — swarms of them. The zoo, olbrich, freaking story time at the library … I don’t remember this many of them in public locations last year. Ha, listen to me. I sound like I think they should stay confined to their playschool or whatever, and that isn’t fair. I would be happy to know my kids are getting out and about if I was sending them to day care — just gotta wait until school starts and that will cut them down drastically.

After that we came home and Neeners and Soren crashed down for naps. Neeners had a rough night of sleep — giving me one too. I swear the kid was up at least 15 times. And this morning before heading out, we were treated to no less than 4 tantrums, who of which got time outs. I know that being two is something that we all had to go through, and learning how to effectively communicate CAN be frustrating, but oh that pain is spread. I know that all we can do is weather the storm, I just wish I knew when this storm will pass.

One thing about having only two little ones is that the day seems to go by much slower. I sometimes get a little sad thinking about the distance future when they will be gone and living their own lives, how slow it will seem then.

Also I have been starting to feel like I look old. You know I can’t remember the last time I was carded. I had always wondered at what age I would be when that happened and I guess the answer is somewhere between 34 and 35.

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