Thursday ramble

I have a headache. I just spent some time reading Damn You Auto Correct and laughing so hard I cried (seriously, I only read it every couple of months and still it has the power to bring me to tears). But I still have a headache. Boo.

Today was okay. I went to the eye doctor and got a clean bill of same as ever and some information on lasik. I am thinking about taking the plunge next year, but maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Apparently you have to wear glasses for 3 weeks before the surgery — ugh, glasses all the time? Maybe it’s sort of like a reminder of why you are doing it and making you excited for it.

Other than that I hung around the house and tried to clean it. I know, futile — but I do have that goal of cleaning my room and taking down the crib, even though the idea of really taking it down and putting away forever is a little sad. Then again I will have so much more space in my room…

Last night I went to target to return some dresses I had gotten online because I love them so. Sadly the ones that arrived on my doorstep were NOT the ones I thought they were and so I had to return them and a bunch of fabric bins that Tim deemed to not fit in with the color decor we are trying to attempt. He said “Have you absolutely no color sense?” To which I replied “No, I did not have the good fortune to study under a boss who was obsessed with color schemes and how they change your life.” [He once had a crazy boss who thought her 16 year old idiot son, whom she did did homework for, was a an artistic genius and believed that colors could change lives.] So yeah, I don’t understand color very well. Maybe I should read a book on it, but I can’t help but to feel on some level that it should be elementary and that it should just …happen. I mean, my Mom and brother are fantastic artists…I should have inherited this.

What was my point about Target? I forget. But when I was checking out I had picked up a pack of gum and the clerk asked me if I wanted it right away. I said “Yes, I am thirsty.” To which he, and the lady behind me stopped in their tracks and stared at me. Suddenly I was on the spot, with silent judgement of “stupid lady get something to drink.” Except, I had been drinking water all day — it was just one of those weird cotton mouth things that happen. No I don’t have diabetes (I hope). Plus I didn’t want to spent a $1.50 on a soda or whatever when I would be home in 15 minutes. A pack of gum at least, lasts for weeks, and it is apple pie flavored. I did manage to tell the clerk that sucking on candy or chewing gums relieves symptoms of thirst before hustling out of there.

Oh my god, there is a commercial for Colon Flow …. it just told me that I might have up to 5 pounds of “fecal matter” in my system. My goodness. Why aren’t I on the phone right now?

One thought on “Thursday ramble

  1. Jessie

    Oh my word. I have never been to that site befre and really was not impresed until I went to *best of* and then I laughed and laughed. I dont have a phone that autocorrects me, but I do use a desktop version of autocorrect for work. When I spell ass, I get assessment. Heh. I’m so glad I dont text. lol

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