Feel the blogging burn!

So Tim is off playing board games tonight with his friend and a few of his friends. It is good for him to get out and do that (aside from his weekly game on Thursday). Since he works at home full time now his main companionship is me and the girls and baby every once in awhile. I tried to watch a movie on streaming Netflix with the girls but there really isn’t that much there that isn’t terrifying to Morella. I should really send back those three movies and get some better options…we have only had them for like 4 or 5 months now. (ugh!)

After putting the girls to bed and insisting that Morella isn’t sick — when she actually is since she has said several times “my boogers are coming in” with a three foot long piece of toilet paper clutched to her nose accompanied by a couple of sneezes, I called my brother to have an hour long chat. Then I screwed around on the internet for awhile before remembering that I should probably go and work on Dance with Dragons. I guess that says something about the book, being that I can let it sit for days at a time without cracking it open. Sigh. We all hope that this isn’t turning into a Robert Jordan fiasco. Then I remember — oh wait you have to post!

Here I am posting. Today was okay. I watered the rhubarb plant. I took the kids to the park and they didn’t seem to really enjoy it that much. We went to a garage sale and I got another princess scooter for Morella for a buck … great condition and now Neeners gets her “old” one. I told Tim he was on the spot for dinner and he got take out chinese which we ate. I vacuumed. Chatted with my friend Lowen who came by to nurse Soren since she had a few cancellations and made her watch and episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Tim took Morella with him to drop off Falkor to the Doggie Hotel where she saw a real cowboy ride a horse and a pet kangaroo named Captain.

It feels weird to not have Falkor around. Though I generally ignore him much of the day, I do miss not telling him to move, get down or get out of there.

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