Friday night I went to Mainframe again. Tim went with and Mischa was kind enough to give us a ride. His new glasses look really good, and reminds me to get on Tim’s ass again about getting him new glasses. Even if he just wears them at home. Or what if he gets that strange eye affliction that Eric and I got? Then he would be screwed because he would have to wear his other glasses….all icky, scratched up and old. Mainframe was okay, the bands were very different from each other, and the people are still an eclectic mix of those who have lost their scenes. Like a bunch of refugees.

Saturday we … … um. What did we do. We…oh! I remember, I crafted, and watched movies on HBO. What movies? Oh total gems like “Once Bitten“, “Mr. Destiny” and “The Santa Claus” before I finished my project and started a letter to Sigrid where I got black ink all over my fingers. Tim was off at one his Mech tournaments…where he kicked ass yet again. ?!?! When did Tim start winning things? Seriously folks, I think Tim was body snatched when he was the UK this last time.

That night we went and Karokeed at the Marigold. Tim sang Ring of Fire and White wedding, and I watched from the back. Why didn’t I sing? I take it none of you have heard me sing. I cannot. I am terrible. I angered the cats before we went because I had to get the urge to karokee out of my system by singing all the television theme songs I knew.

So the crazy thing is, we were expecting Charlie to show up. He never did, and we wondered. I come to find out today that a mere block away, while were inside drinking beer and singing words, he was the victim of a hit and run (dark SUV) and broke his leg in several places. He was assisted by and off duty cop and taken to the hospital for three (so far) surgeries. Can you believe this? A hit and run. A block away. And he was alone. At least when I had my serious trauma I was surrounded by friends. Poor Charlie, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Sunday was spent reading. Reading reading reading, and sleeping sleeping. Tim and I were both super tired, and unlike Tim, I listened to my body and took several naps, in between reading. The Scar by China Mieville. THis book is seriously five times better than Perdido. It’s like, he refined his technique, and learned the intricacies of pacing. I am so hooked. All I can think about is this book.I can’t wait for lunch so I can read it. For after work, I plan on laundry and reading. I reminds me when I used to get in reading moods how I wouldn’t pick up the phone, or visit anyone until I was done with the book/series. Later that night we tried to visit Bekah and Greg, but they weren’t there. We walked around a bit looking for them, but found nothing. I was happy to spend more time reading before bed. 8) I think we will try again tonight.

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