I missed yesterday. Sorry, I guess this means I gotta try again for another week.

Yesterday we had a rainy soccer practice. The kids that showed up loved it. The gentle rain eventually stopped and we played around the field some more enjoying being outside. Then we went home and everyone took a long noontime nap. It was heavenly. After that I packed some things, Tim fed the kids and we headed up north to the Grandparents for new nephew Oberlin’s baptism, which we got back from a few hours ago.

Upon returning home, I cleaned up the kitchen and then went to KFC to get dinner. When you are out of bread, milk, eggs and cheese and it is 7:17, and Morella is asking where dinner is, then it’s time for desperate measures. I need to go to the grocery store tonight, which sucks because I just cracked open a spotted cow, have a slight headache and am tired. Maybe Tim will go, he is so much better at sticking to the list. Yeah….I will make an emergency food list and give it to him. He can be home in less than a 1/2 hour! Me? I am more like an hour and half. :P

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