Neeners 2 year doc appointment

It was a good day. Neeners went to the doctor for her two year check up and got her last shot until she is five (not including flu shots). She weighs 26 pounds and is 34 inches long. Long and lean and the doctor said she is doing great. Whoo hoo!

After she yelled “ouchie” to the nurse who administered the shot, I nursed her until she was calm and we went home. Then she took a massive 4 hour nap while Morella and I cut out pictures to decorate their cardboard pony house, picked up garbage outside, made banana bread, packed up two boxes and went to the post office to mail them and worked on cleaning out the crib in our room. It is now ready to take down. Just have to figure out what to do with it after that. I will take pictures, there might be a conversion set that one could order online so I might be able to sell it. I wish I could give it to someone that I knew though.

Then I made an early dinner and after that we went to Olbrich Gardens for a walk, followed by a visit to Noah’s house to use the bathroom (Morella), and got a bonus popsicle and beer out of the deal followed by some time playing at the park and checking out the children’s garden. Came home, the kids went to bed right away, I did some more cleaning and then Tim and I played some Borderlands before now..bedtime. I have a stupid dentist appointment tomorrow that I am not looking forward to.

Neeners is teething furiously — as the doctor pointed out and said to just do whatever we could to help her through it. I guess that means weaning some nursing is out until those blasted teeth pop though. She is so miserable and unhappy. He guessed that she had 4-5 in active teething mode. Yuck.

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