Let’s see …

–Morella was ultra crabby today
–Neeners was too when Morella was
–However they played together beautifully for 50% of the time
–Got puked on a bunch of times (okay okay, spit up, but puking sounds more dramatic)
–Walked to the grocery store and spent time at the park
–Made a good dinner
–Went to Memorial Union Terrace for a pitcher followed by a walk on Lakeshore in the dark with Ann, sat on a bench looking at the lake and stars and had a great visit. I saw a falling star!
–Mom is in the hospital at Lutheran because of a bladder infection gone too far (she didn’t want to see a particular doctor)
–Spent time reading, cooking, playing with the girls, picking up (for what purpose, I can’t fathom) and enjoying the beautiful day
–We kept asking Neeners if she had a poopy diaper (she went three times today) and she got mad at us for asking and said “Stop seppa seppa!” Tim and I both figured out immediately that she said “Stop saying that!”

One thought on “Tidbits

  1. Jessie

    Ugh, why do they [parents] wait so long!? Maybe they have been feeling so badly for so long, they don’t realize they are feeling badly-er until it’s too late. Yuck. I hope they make your mom better soon. Tell her I’m thinking about her.

    i think my dad really was scared this time. I mean, he should have been damned scared last time, but this time he is really making a point to do exercises, he has a physical therapist coming to the house and has a goal to be strong enough to go to the cabin this fall. He has to be able to walk in on his own before he can go. I’m not sure what made him turn around, but I hope it lasts. He is still a young man.

    When my babies were little, I was puked on all the time. My husband said I smelled like puke a lot. He was my sniffer for when I had to go out in public, since I wasn’t able to smell it anymore myself…

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