Okay, I have to add this. I just got this from Tim (who as some of you already know has put in his letter of resignation last week). Following is a copy of the minutes from their last Staff meeting (after which, Tim had decided he would quit). Unfortunately, the Cheerio incident has been deleted….in which she goes on a great length regarding her Cheerio diet. Lenore is their boss. The “great” woman who founded the company…and manages to still have it because of her husband’s considerable weatlh. Or…maybe she is brillant. You decide.

Vague Minutes

The staff meeting commenced at 3:00pm on April 9, 2003

Attendees: Lenore, Liz, Lindsay, Maura, Eric, Ericka, Arlette, Monika, Andrew, (Tim had to work on a project), Elizabeth, Gayle, Jerry, James

Lenore spoke at length, and then each staff member had a turn to talk about his or her recent and upcoming projects.

Lenore – Her tile is cracking at her house and she has to walk over a plank. There was a millionaire woman, not Ana Nicole Smith. We are down to a “yellow alert” because we got in some money. In Italy there was a good working implementation of a palm guide in the academia. We want to partner with them somehow. There is a lot of dog poop on the sidewalk in Florence. Some Eastern Europeans don’t experience hunger pains. (Exit Tim, stage right) Johnson O’Connor does aptitude testing for pitch discrimination. Lenore has good manual dexterity. Christian science reading rooms may be portals to other dimensions because no one ever enters or leaves. The Ba’hai temple isn’t one because Lindsay has been there. It is one of the few nonagon structures in the world. It is made of crushed seashells.

Gayle – The Museum H is 95% done with their conversion.

Andrew – Their training went well and they will be good clients.

Jerry – working with the printer problems and the S Install with James.

Lenore – What about X Product?

Gayle – It will be fully implemented for the new XG data structure.

Lenore – the strips of paper on the end of spiral bound sheets of paper are called “perfidy” Andrea will be working 7-9 on XG

Gayle – Liz is funny like a clown

Lenore – We will be working on “PACS.” Andrea is OURS (raises clenched fist).

Elizabeth – Working on general helpdesk calls and tech tips.

Andrew – Calling customers, Museum training is coming up

Monika – Working on the survey, needs to talk to Lenore.

Arlette – Client M sale came in, Museum F coming up, made contact with W. Museum, and sent data entry post card, one reply so far. Will have AAM labels next week and has been following up on conference leads.

Eric – Slinkies came in, has been mostly working on website redesign, waiting for Lenore’s approval to go ahead.

Maura – Working on general helpdesk calls as well as tech tips.

Lindsay – Finishing up the Client X, starting new conversions. Not a whole lot coming up as of yet.

Liz – Went to TX conference as well as Virginia. Working on the National Gallery Z. JC has been doing demos.

Lenore – New tiny mammal discovered, see the current national geographic magazine.

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