Unisaurs Soccer League

Morella and her fellow ballerinas

Showing off some technique. I signed her up for more preballet classes for Fall since she loved it so much. They are 9:00 on Monday mornings — and since parents and siblings aren’t allowed and it is at the Goodman Center with their coffee house, we are all excited. ;)

Cousins – Zeland in the back, and then Moslee, Neeners and Morella in the front. Too bad they didn’t find any matching jammies in Z’s size.

New nephew Oberlin

Funny Morella expression

Oberlin’s family, plus Morella

All family in attendance for the baptism

Neeners coming out of the green bean teepee at the Children’s Garden at Olbrich

Tim looking rather dapper

Neeners cleaning up her chalk mess — when I caught her she dropped the chalk like a lead weight

This morning at the new dream park in Cottage Grove

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