Three things

I started a new thing this week where every day I would try to do three …new things. But that really isn’t it, they aren’t “new”, they are just things that I don’t do everyday. So it’s really more like “do 3 things you don’t normally do.” It’s been working pretty good. For example,

Yesterday I: mowed the front and back lawn, took boxes of garage sale stuff from last year to Goodwill (I have another load to do), and sent an email to my playgroup about making plans for the weekend.
Another day I: sent back Netflix movies (two were seven months old), wrote post cards and made a difficult phone call.

Anyway, it’s been cool to feel like I am making some progress on things. I decided to try this because I am tired of measuring my levels of success against household chores — things that reset themselves sometimes five minutes after I do it. I wasn’t making any progress in the extra things I want to do with my life, and honestly cleaning the dishes, picking up toys or putting away laundry can all wait a few minutes/hours … oh heck, days. If it means I can send a package to someone, or write some postcards, or clean out the garage — then by gum, I am doing it!

I know, updating my blog should be considered a special thing for today since it’s been so long. :P But they have been busy times, a wedding this past weekend, soccer games, all day Monday visit with an out of town friend. I had to recover from that visit, I didn’t realize how hard it is to stay engaged and watch children for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time. I guess that is why visiting on vacation is difficult, especially if you are staying with people. I like visits where the hosts understand that I want to do my own thing for several hours during the day, even if it is just sitting in my room reading or writing.

Today I have: send an email about the two month neglected BookClub, ordered a very expensive thing for the girls — and three is yet unnamed/finished.

So that very expensive thing is The Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse

I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks after going to some garage sales where they had playhouses (not for sale) and dragging the girls out of them. It then occurred to me that wherever we go, if they have a play house, then the girls are playing it. I tried to swap kid toys with a fellow Mom who had one but she said no because her two boys are constantly playing in theres. These things are never for sale at garage sales and I hate shopping on craigslist, so I started to do some researching. This particular playhouse has all my requirements: doors and windows that can open and close, and walls — plus it is big enough for them to use until they are teenagers, should they want a private place outside to read or something. We had $215 dollars in Amazon points which I thought would totally knock down the price — except that I did not factor in shipping and handling. I guess when the object is this large they can’t make it free. :P Before I placed the order I quick checked toys r us to see if I could do a pick up from the store and skip the extra $230 SH fee, but it was not the case. So essentially, my rewards points went for free shipping. Ugh.

Anyway, so now it is set to be delivered between September 1st and 7th — which kind of sucks because I was planning on visiting my bro for two days. I guess I can tell my neighbors, some of them are always home and could come over and put it away or sign for it, or something. Hopefully that won’t be the case and it will be delivered sooner rather than later.

Oh, Soren is here now. I should go and figure out what that third thing is going to be — oh wait I know, photo ordering. And what we are going to tell the kids to justify this massive purchase. Early Christmas present?

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