September has begun

Hi folks!

The office smells strongly of cat pee, so if I peter out (heh) you will have to forgive me because I probably passed out, or did something about it and then subsequently got distracted. Why the long time in between posts?

–Cottage. The assholes over at Bargain Market, which is the seller through Amazon, that I ordered the cottage, are fucking things up royally. Yes, I know, I try to refrain from swearing in general, but in this case, this is gentle. :P Essentially what happened is this. I ordered a cottage and provided a phone number on the order form. A couple of days later I got an email from Bargain Market saying it was shipped via freight and the only way it would be delivered is if they call me for delivery appointment confirmation. Great, except they had the wrong phone, our old land line. I had to dig pretty deep to see where they got it (stuck to my amazon card from two years ago). I emailed them right away, but the girls were in bugging me and I typo-ed part of the phone number. No matter, I emailed them three more times immediately with the correct number. The email from Bargain Market did not include any contact information for them, the name of the freight company, my tracking number — nothing. The next day, we find out that almost all of the negative reviews from them are because they do not answer emails and there is no way to contact them. I had thought 90% approval rating was good, but apparently that is not. Tim informed me the next day to never go below 97%. Great honey, you could have mentioned that in the three weeks we were mulling this over.

So Tim contacted Amazon for me, and they can do nothing except refund the money for the product — but not the $220 SH. I called Fedex, USPS, and UPS on a lark hoping that they had a delivery in Madison just waiting to be delivered — since the shipment is supposedly from Iowa it should have been in Madison by Friday (according to Fedex). Finally I left negative feedback because that seems to be the only way they ever respond — and got a response! Except…after confirming they had the right phone number, the followed it up with the one typo email and got it wrong. I emailed them back immediately on Friday, and guess what? Nothing. No response. Finally after 5 today I emailed them again. OH and when they did respond to me assuring me that they were doing their best to correct the phone number, they did not give me the name of the shipping company or a tracking number. So essentially I am in the same boat and beyond angry about it.

I got so stressed out about this last week that I got a bad kink in my neck that is persisting to this day. Meanwhile the girls are anxiously awaiting their dream cottage and doing every good deed under the sun to get it. It’s been a great motivator, but what if they never get it? Oh okay, fine. They will get it but I will be out $220 bucks, that is unless it actually comes through. (Not holding my breath).

–Dentist appointment. I got a crown.
–Did I mention that bad kink in the neck? Well it sucked and hurt a lot.
–DeJope Bingo with Sigrid and Matt — I lost $5.00 — one of which was spent on a cookie. I had fun though and drank a ton of free beverages.
–Labor Day Weekend — visit to my brother Shane’s on Friday night after spending all day cleaning the living room and organizing toys, putting stuff away, packing and dealing with three cranky kids for the whole morning.
–Saturday in Dells Dam it rained so we played outside when we could and stayed inside when we couldn’t. Neeners watched Rio and loved it after Morella crashed out early.
–Sunday, morning play in the yard along with another camp fire, then afternoon at the Pow-wow until we were rained out. I bought the girls a hair fluff (mine plus one neighbor girl) and it was just priceless to see them put it in their hair with such importance and then strut afterward talking about “those indian people.” Morella said that one day she was going to be indian. I told her if she kept trying really hard, one day she might get there.
–Saturday night I forgot to mention I had a late night with a few beers (okay, one too many that caused a Sunday hangover headache) with Lori and Shannon and had a blast. I finally went to bed at 1:30 — I haven’t done something like that in … a very very long time. So long in fact, that I can’t really remember the last time. I had so much fun.
–Back to Sunday, we stayed all day and then left at bedtime to come home, the girls passed out right away and made a clean transition to bed.
–Monday Labor Day I got up, showered and then put together party favors before hitting Woodman’s for beverages for niece Moslee’s princess birthday party in Milwaukee.

On the way Morella had to desperately pee in a dead zone. We pulled off at the first exit to Deerfield with the promise of a BP gas station, except it was about 7 miles away. Morella was desperate and bawling in pain so we pulled over to a semi secluded place. I took her out and just as she was about to pee a woman across the road, with her dog in tow started hollering at us telling us that we were doing the most disgusting thing in the world, blah blah blah. I pulled up Morella’s pants and asked her if this 3 year old could use her bathroom if she objected that much. She said no, that there was a BP “just up the road” and then went on about how terrible we were as human beings. I had enough of her bull and flipped her off (Morella didn’t see). She hollered back “Up yours!” to which I replied “Nice language to use in front of a 3 year old.” We went back to the interstate and pulled over and she peed on the side of road, risking all of our lives. She would not go in the diaper I put on her.

I don’t know. If I were in Chicago traffic, she would have had to just pee in the diaper and deal. But we were out in the middle of woods in a remote area, a place where civilization deems 6 miles to be “just up the road” with one occupant who believes that her dog’s piss in her own yard is less toxic or disgusting than that of a desperate 3 year old in the ditch, across the road.

I hope that woman pisses herself one day because no one helped her out.

–Lastly, I just haven’t been feeling great because of my period which I totally didn’t expect and happened on the ride home from my brother’s. At least it explained why I was so darn irritable and got a blinding head later that night. So I have been rather low in energy this week.

I am glad that we had today to be home though and try to get back to normal. Of course I wish I wasn’t so low energy right now.

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