New Glarus and relaxing

You know, it was actually a pretty good weekend. Full of relaxing and stuff like that. Tim had planned a big bike trip with some buddies to New Glarus to visit the brewery and have a few beers and then hit up a local restaurant for lunch in which the wives and kids would meet them. We did just that, and we packed a corner of the Something or other Stube, complete with six kids. Afterward we waited a small eternity to get some fudge from a dour old lady a couple buildings down and some blue moon ice cream for Noah, Morella and Neeners (Hilary and her kids had already left). I don’t get the Blue Moon obsession, I mean it isn’t that good, but I hear that kids just love it. If it weren’t for my own kids proving me wrong, I never would have believed it true.

Sorry, this post is kind of sucking. There is a big fat fly buzzing around and none of the stupid animals we border are taking care of it. I am going to probably have to do something about it in a minute here. Tim just said he was going to bed. He is still exhausted and in pain from his 75 mile bike ride. If he had taken this bike ride in the beginning of summer before he starting working from home, I bet it would have been cake. Not so much now that he doesn’t really leave the house most days of the week. Poor guy. Then today he had old man book club with some other friends while I had deal with the same crabby kids again.

Oh after the fudge we spent a couple hours at a park, and then on the way home stopped at a marshy boardwalk to look at scenic wildlife. It was nice — two of the three kids enjoyed it. But you know, that is usually the case. I have to accept that there is nothing wrong with Neeners other than she is two. Man, when Morella was two there were a few rough spots but nothing like the average day with Neeners. She has taken to just putting her head down on the floor and sobbing whenever something doesn’t go her way. I can’t tell you how many times she declares that someone has been mean to her and then after it is all said and done she will say “I stop tying…” (crying), which breaks my heart only a little.

Anyway, so today we spent time outside in the backyard, then got dressed and hit a few garage sales before going to get some tacos and then take the dog to the dog park for the first time. It was great to be back at the dog park, although it wasn’t so great when the dog stop listening to us and ran off and I had to carry 50+ pounds of kids because they decided they couldn’t walk anymore. At least the Ergo helped out with that — I carried Morella on my back and held Neeners. For dinner they had cheese balls and dried cereal. It would have been pointless to offer them more because they had such a late lunch (3:30). Thankfully, it is a well known fact that kids can survive on air.

Saturday night I went out with my friend Ann to see Contagion. I was ridiculously excited to see this movie and was very disappointed when it didn’t live up to its hype. However, after the kids were put to bed I went grocery shopping this evening and stocked up a bit more on my pantry. I am just appalled that the average american family has less than a weeks worth of food to live on, should something disastrous happen. Maybe it is because I grew up poor – but I always strive to have a least a month’s worth of food in my pantry. Shopping at Woodman’s on a Sunday night also lends itself to the depleted grocery store feel — they were out of bananas, among other things.

Sigh. Anyway. I have been thinking lately “Starting tomorrow I will get back on my feet and be awesome again like I used to.” You know, be on top of the house, cook healthy nutritious and interesting meals, interact and educate the kids, pursue my own interests…but then it occurred to me that I have this same thought a lot, and that is always next week or whatever. There was a month or two after Morella was six months old that I was there, but that might have been it. Oh sure there is the good day or two, and those are probably what lead me to think I was ever a super mom. :P No, no, I know. I am a super duper Mom – even though I lost my temper with the girls on Thursday and threw a stuffy or two hard against the wall. It was enough that the girls reminisced the moment for an hour after they were really supposed to be in bed and sleeping (which was how the incident had happened). Why is it that bedtime is one of the most difficult times of the day? I guess it is because we are all tired.

Oh hey speaking of which I should go to bed. Morella has her first ballet class tomorrow at 9:00 and I have absolutely no idea where her unitard tutu. At least I know where her shoes are though.

Also I got an email from the lame cottage people saying that it would be delivered this week. They even gave me the shipping company information and a tracking number, which I will call tomorrow to see if it is even valid. I am still not holding my breath on this though.

Lastly, one of my younger brothers – Josh – is in ICU at Luther Hospital in Eau Claire in a medicated coma. He has been there since last Wednesday because of a bad asthma/bronchitis attack. The coma is so that he doesn’t fight the breathing machine and he currently cannot breath without it. This is the exact same thing that happened last year except he hasn’t been flown to Rochester for the miracle blood transfusion machine. Mom said they are going to keep him that way for a few more days, so good thoughts for him would be appreciated. Mom also has a bad case of bronchitis, but said she is getting better. Or least that is what I can figure when she talks between gasps.

I know that last part sounds so … callous. But I think it is just that my head is so weary of all the “wolf” cries that I have entered a wait and see mode.

2 thoughts on “New Glarus and relaxing

  1. Jessie

    Ugh, poor Josh. I can’t imagine what asthma is like, but it sounds awful. I have always had a phobia of drowning/suffocating-scares me to death-and whenever I hear about asthma, it makes me so thankful I haven’t had to experience it myself. I will certainly mention Josh at church and keep him in our thoughts this week. I know what you mean about the wolf cries. I thought for sure when mom signed the DNR papers this last time dad got sick, it was over. Its kind of heartbreaking how you can love someone so much, but be kind of nonchalant at the same time. I’m sure its a defense mechanism. we can’t worry our hair out all the time. Mom and I have bronchitis too. it must be rampant this fall. I need to update my blog. I really do have great things to tell, just haven’t taken the time to tell it. Overwhelmed by the information I guess. I got your PC in the mail the other day. So nice to get something nice in the mail isn’t it? :)

  2. Hilary

    Ughhh bedtime is just the death of me. It is *my* worst time as well as everyone elses for sure. Then once everyone is asleep I sit around feeling awful for being so crabby about everything…rinse repeatx365!

    Sorry to hear that Josh is going through this again. It must be really frustrating for you, when you’ve seen it/heard it before, worried about it before, all that… I hope that things change, for everyone’s sake. :(

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