Criminal Complaint, Fever Dreams, and Crafts

It has been a heavy month. One of the things I should just put out there, is that the criminal complaint we filed against the teenage girl who was texting while driving and subsequently killed my father was rejected. There is nothing more we can do.

Before any more outbursts or whatever happens, I want to state that I don’t want to talk about it. I am going to be one of those classic characters of something traumatic happening and then the person doesn’t ever speak of it. I might talk about it one day in 10 or 40 years, but until then…it’s done. I actually got this news a couple weeks ago and would have left it at that, but I don’t want any one to ask me questions about it. I don’t know why the judge thought that, I don’t know why the district attorney did what he did, I don’t want to know the extra miles I could take to have justice happen. It wasn’t just. It isn’t fair. I don’t want to…think about it anymore. I did try, way more than I wanted to initially but I couldn’t let nothing happen. Now nothing has happened despite trying and … ugh. Enough.

Morella was very sick yesterday. She came into my room yesterday morning with a litany of symptoms she was feeling. Her stomach hurt but she didn’t have a tummy ache, she was dizzy, her throat hurt and she had crazy cheeks, she wasn’t hungry, at which point I felt her head and then took her temperature. She has a fever of 101. It fluctuated between 101 – 104 all day and into the night. She had chills, she had sweats, she slept a ton, she burned up, she had fever dreams all through the night and it was a hell — for Tim mostly. Bless his heart, he took on Morella duty last night so I could get some sleep and work out that nasty cold. This afternoon I was looking at her throat and noticed that her tongue was all covered in a white goo. Disgusting! I looked it up and told Tim I suspected she might have strep throat or scarlet fever (because she had a rash all over her torso too). I made a doctor appointment and took her in. She was great the office and listened well. They took a swab and the rapid strep test came back negative. I have to wait through tomorrow to see if they call with news regarding the throat culture. They said they wouldn’t call if it was normal. Lame. I want news, the whole “no news is good news” is rubbish. I looked it up online and it said that a in 1/3 of the cases a rapid strep test is a false negative. That is a pretty high percentage, so there is still a chance that she has it.

Her fever was gone for most of the day and crept back up in the afternoon. After that dose of ibuprofen had worn off she was still cool, though she won’t eat or drink anything. Just a little sip here and there. She didn’t even want her dinner Popsicle or eat any strawberry sorbet. My poor little girl. I hope she feels better tomorrow. When she went to bed tonight she wanted me to lay next to her in bed until she fell asleep. She is so terrified of those fever dreams returning.

Neeners meanwhile is rock solid and I hope she continues to be that way.

I have been enjoying the last two days at home. It’s been rainy out, and since Morella is sick we haven’t left the house. Well, I did go to Target and Hyvee for a little shopping during their naps yesterday, and today we went to the doctor but that is about it. Morella has taken a real interest in arts and crafts in the last several months, so I have been doing projects with her to keep her mind off being sick. This morning we made our first pony gala dress! I’ll have to take photos as it goes along as a fashion shoot. ;) Later we worked on Halloween cards and then water painted leaves using stencils. I finished the night off by reading books to them in my bed while they were “tozy” under the covers. I made chili for dinner, which was nice because it is something Morella would never eat. Since I knew she wasn’t going to eat dinner anyway, I might as well indulge. Ahh, chili is so good when it’s NOT burning your mouth spicy (That is what hot sauce is for)

I think Tim went to bed. He took a shower and it’s been awfully quiet down the hall ever since. I wouldn’t blame h…no wait I heard a cough. Anyway, he should be in bed after the night he had.

He is leaving in two weeks for his annual database administrator PASS conference in Seattle. So if anyone wants to visit me then….I’ll be here!

I am excited that Morella is into arts and crafts…I have been looking around my house thinking of all the fun things I have collected over the last three years, just waiting for when I had time to do them. Well, I will have oodles of time if Morella wants to do that sort of stuff! It’s just keeping Neeners engaged for more than 20 minutes.

Also, I have a thing for owls. So if you find pictures of them or whatever, cut it out and send it to me. I have a project in mind….

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