Apple Picking

You know, when I think about it blogging used to be a much easier thing to do. I could just hop over to the computer and throw up a little post between this and that. It was especially easy when I was at work. Ha ha. Anyway. I think my blogging has also take a hit because Tim is working from home now and occupying the desktop most of the day. The computer has GIMP, and also archives all my photos, in addition to being in a location where the kids can’t climb all over me asking me what I am doing and wanting to play “bubbles”. Oh yeah, and of the course the Ipad is incapable of doing any sort of photos. Not that photos are what is all about. It isn’t, and I know that the few readers I have left would prefer that I just write something without pictures as opposed to a whole lotta nothing. How can I change this? What can I do to get back into blogging, and writing again? Hm.

Speaking of Ipad, I was off to take a shower this morning after a surprise visit from Hilary bearing fancy coffee (I chose the pumpkin spice soy latte because … it was soy and because I have been wanting to drink one of this drinks because every one is talking about it all the freaking time. I don’t get it because it is a latte and I am lactose intolerant, and it just isn’t the same with soy and why sully a great thing with soy in case I hate it…but as a gift? Well then it’s just perfect!) Especially since I had just gotten out of bed to two darlings screaming down the hall “Someone knocked on the door Mom! Someone is here!” If anything I had to get out of bed to stop them from going into hysterics. And you know, it was like 9:00 A.M.

After a great visit, and a shower (which first involved having me tape up part of the shower wall), catching the girls drawing in my IPad with crayons, and getting dressed, I got the girls dressed. Then I spent a half an hour looking for my keys, which were in my bag the whole time. I had looked 4 times and even had Morella “look” once .. .as in she probably looked over at the bag. Plus the kids were fighting everything I did and got distracted every other half second. Anyway. I finally got out of the house and we headed over to Epelgaarden to pick some apples and raspberries. I have gone here ever year since having kids and I couldn’t miss my chance to snap a shot of them in the How Tall this Fall. I just couldn’t. Besides the day was absolutely beautiful, it was a school day and the middle of the afternoon so the place was ours. It is days like this where being a SAHM rocks more than anything.

Morella, in October 2009 – Our first time at Epelgaarden. I was holding 6 week old Neeners who was sleeping.

Morella and Neeners with friends October 2010

Morella and Neeners, October 2011

Me and the girls

On the wagon — Neeners didn’t last long. It was too bumpy for her. She ran most of the time and in the end I carried her.

Camera on a timer, perched by some mini pumpkins = lopsided.

Morella by some flowers, it was too sunny for her to give me anything other than the pirate squinty eyed looked and this face. Can’t quite see it? Here is a close up from yesterday.

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