I left halfway through yesterday because my darling in shining armor rode up on his silver stallion and rescued me from my tower of science. We went to IHOP and had a good talk about things that are and things that should be. Then we went home and the wildcard option became active in a phone message to Tim regarding another position. What a mess. I have to just remind myself to take it one step at a time. It will resolve itself and panicking and worrying never does any good. Time. One day at a time. And do what you have to do with no procrastination. A ounce of courage goes a long way.

Katie is gone today like I knew she would be. If I take a half day for the hell of it, she is going to take a full day. Sucky because today is a seminar day and I needed to take a calculator over to Tim so he can excel on his skillz test.

Wow, …once again I find it neccessary to say that I am blown away by The Scar. The way he connected Tanner Sack into the story is absolutely brilliant. Simple. Brilliant. The anophelii (mosquito people), the Bruloc (the dead), and …well the character Uthor Doul (the quick from the land of the dead) is all so cool. Who am I kidding? The world is cool and so ripe with possiblities. I don’t want this book to end.

And Angel was cool. Unfortunately I had missed last week’s episode, so I was totally thrown as to who this adult woman was, and why everyone knew her. I had to go and read a recap on TVGuide to catch up. I like the idea though. A black, female anti-christ. Angel hasn’t disappointed me this season.

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