Oy. I didn’t write on Friday? What was I doing that I was so busy? I don’t remember…no wait. I do. I took a two hour lunch: one of those hours was spent with Tim at Olive Mountain, and the other hour was spent shopping for Easter stuff for the box I have still yet to send my family. Then I left at 3.50 because the newest coworker was staying past three. I told everyone they could leave, and she wasn’t a-leaving! I kept asking her when she was going to go and she kept telling me, maybe later. Finally I just said, “Well if you are not going to go until 5:00, then I am just going to go. Here is my cell number, call me if an emergency comes up” and left. I went home and took a nap. Got up when Tim came home to say hi, and then read until 1:00 AM, finishing the The Scar (read the review!).

Sigh. Such brilliance. How can I be like that?

Saturday we fulfilled a favor for Sigrid and Matt and picked up the table and chairs. The table is cute, but the chairs are in questionable condition (and they are from Pottery Farm or Factory? ..whatever). Went home and Tim played games, and putzed/cleaned/took another nap, got up later and then drove to Milwaukee for Easter family fun.

Went out Phil to Ben’s place and mozied over to a traditional Mexican restaurant. Had some enchilada’s and margarita’s. Went home, to bed. Easter the next day was okay, the sermon didn’t make sense to me though. Stupid mustard seeds and trees. Such a limited view of heaven….when I imagined so much more. Ate lots of jello….it was gooooooood. I love the mother-in-law’s jello.

[!!! I just helped a rotating student and he asked me what Nation I was! I was a little surprised (but didn't show it) that he asked the question correctly. I told him Ho Chunk, from Wisconsin....formerly Winnebago) and he nodded. Then he told me was south pueblo or something. That his Mom was half, although he didn't look it. I told him I shared his pain because my Dad is full too and I don't exactly look it. This was followed by some awkward silence...and the desire to talk more. We both would both falter on questions at the same time. But...wow. Another indian--- that wanted to connect. Cool.]

Got a great letter from Hollywood Goth girl, and a mix CD that I don’t have the heart to tell her is corrupted halfway through.

Currently Tim is full of radiation stuff, and is about to be x-rayed to find all the areas of arthritis. They are trying to determine why he has the arthritis of a fifty-five year old….then tomorrow he gets his physical therapy consultation on what he is going to have to do the rest of his life to ease the pain and keep the joints from locking up. It is not so hard to imagine that my darling is remade. Part machine, and if he doesn’t take care of his mechanical parts he will rust up and stop. Become immobile. Frozen….except his mind will still be active. He will become dependent on the kindness of others to feed him. I will put him on the street holding a potted plant and call him Art.

Started reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon and had a dream this morning that I came to consciousness….on a plane in the process of landing. I got out of the plane and asked a passing valet “Where the hell am I?” and he told me I was in New York.

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