Pumpkin Patch

“Don’t you dare take my fucking kitten.”

The Cat House is always a big hit, except this year that cat Morella is holding mauled her leg after she dumped it to the ground. It grabbed on for dear life. Morella actually took it pretty well and hobbled about only a little big after medicine and a bandage was applied. Neeners meanwhile, could have stayed there all afternoon. Oh and the boy to the left is Morella’s soccer teammate Kian, also an excellent kitten holder.

Neeners chose a white/greenish pumpkin.

Special guests on this beautiful day included Morella’s Grandparents- who also made it to her soccer game right before hand.

This morning we barely made it to ballet class because we were all so tired from our action packed awesome weekend. It was one of the classes where parents get to watch, and I was able to enjoy the whole show alone as I left Neeners at home with Tim. The last time I got to watch a class I noticed it, and this time was no exception — but Morella is chatterbox. She is that kid that barely references the question and goes on to tell you what she wants to talk about. In this case, she was telling the class all about her trip to the pumpkin patch (she did it again 3 more times and I had to shush her from a distance the last time). You can see how excited everyone is to hear about it.

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