Day 1 – Olbrich Beach, Crabby Neens

First day of single parenting edition four is complete. Tim left this morning at 7 for his annual DBA PASS conference in Seattle and will return late Saturday night. So I have four more days to go. All in all, we survived. That said the first day could have been a little easier.

I know, it’s a broken record, but something is up with Neeners. This morning after I was outed from bed by two fighting little girls (in my bed) at 8:00 and putting up with it for almost an hour, I got everyone dressed and made plans with another mom and her boys to meet at Olbrich Beach. It was a beautiful day, I had a bag of dried out cut off bread crusts to feed ducks and the girls love the beach. It was a no brained and our last probably outing for the year. It reminds me of last year when we went…it is strange how many things we do the same each year. The weather, I would like to mention is a lot like last year, so it is not strange to have another warm start to October.

Anyway, Morella and her friend Caleb had a total blast feeding the ducks and seagulls, walking into the seaweed filled water, and screaming at the seagulls for being naughty. They played in sand, searched for snail shells and climbed a little hill, which Morella explained was a lot like the dunes we saw in Michigan on vacation. Even Caleb’s little brother Auggie had a good time hanging out near his Mom. The only one who was miserable for no good reason was Neeners. She screamed and howled and wanted to go home, be picked up and let down, nurse, eat something and not eat something. When we finally did go home she passed out within 15 minutes and took a hour and a half nap. When she woke up, she was soon back at being the crabbiest toddler on the block. I even gave her some Tylenol at 2, but her boat didn’t turn around until around 5, after I pushed them on the swings for a half an hour. Then she and Morella were the best of friends and stayed that way until bedtime. I just don’t get it. What is wrong with you Neeners?! Tell me! Ugh.

Meanwhile, I got a lot done today. We had our first ever video chat via gplus hang outs. Morella loved talking to Tim and it made it so easy for us to have a phone conversation. I swept and washed the kitchen floor. I peeled and cut up the apples we picked across the Moravian Church a week ago and put it in the fridge for tomorrow to make something. I wrote a letter to my Mom and then called her. I found out that she was going home two weeks early from her visit with Shane because she was sick again. I feel bad for her because she was having such a good time. Stupid illness. She thinks that her bronchitis and sinus infection came back. Sigh. I hope that she gets better and goes back to Shane’s because it was doing so much good for her.

What else. Oh I was bringing back the garbage cans from the curb and walked into the house to hear banging…then a tinkle. I went into the bedroom and caught Neeners covered in glitter water and glass. They were kicking the wall with two little shelves attached over Morella’s bed that had breakables. The vibration knocked off two things that broke (a heart shaped glass tray and an Easter snow globe). Ugh! I was not happy. I took Neeners to the bathroom and washed her arm, took off her clothes and shook them out. Morella wanted in on the action and claimed the drop she had on her shirt was from the same accident. So I left them to play in the bathroom while I hand vacced the bed, shook out the blankets outside, took up the sheets and changed them …and Neeners too because Neeners has three bites that may or may not be from a skeeters…ugh that is a story for another time. Anyway.

Yeah, thin broken glass all over a bed is just what I wanted to deal with at the end of a long day. So yeah, it was cleaned up, I expressed I was not happy about them kicking the wall, and they wisely stayed out of my way while I cleaned it up. I think they were probably relieved they didn’t get a time out or a shouting.

They went to bed okay, and I am unwisely watching more episodes of Bones while writing in my journals. Oh I folded some laundry…

The real challenge will be tomorrow when I have Soren. Who will hold him while I go to the bathroom? I guess that means I gotta wear elastic jammies all day. ;) . Also, Morella has been wonderful with Soren the last week and I hope that continues. I think she likes being a super big girl and help take care of a baby. I just hope that whatever is up with Neeners is better tomorrow.

My go to sandwich for Morella right now is cheddar cheese, with a little salad dressing ( miracle whip generic). Neeners prefers a Nutella sandwich.

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