Day 2: Rainy day and shopping

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get up in time for Soren this morning at 9:00 and thought about setting an alarm. But then again I figured the knocking on the door would wake me, or Lowen would call and my phone was right by the bed…but really, I knew that the girls would wake me up. You know, it’s surreal sometimes to think that this is my life now. That I don’t have to wake up to an alarm any more, and I can just go about living everyday relatively schedule free. Which is kind of dumb because kids are totally schedule happy and we do follow sort of a routine…

Anyway. They were up and fighting this morning early. I was awake and had the coffee going by 8:00AM, though I didn’t actually get to start drinking any of it until 9:30. It rained last night and this morning, which is the first time in several weeks so it had a special cozy feel about it. The cooling temperature has made the leaves in the backyard start to fall like crazy. I tried to mow yesterday before it started but the effing lawnmower wouldn’t prime. I took it apart and looked at it, blew on it, stuck a stick around it to clear out grime and grass and still nothing! I kicked it and put it away. It would have been a lot easier to rake the 2.2 ton of leaves in the back yard if the grass were a bit shorter. Stupid lawn mower.

Morella got a TV holiday this morning, I left it on for three hours! Neeners lost interest after Sesame Street for the most part and Soren couldn’t care less. Later on we baked an apple cake. Well, the girls mostly made it and it took forever. Neeners lost interest half way through the flour measuring and left. Morella though, she’s a baker that girl! She even ran to her room and found her kid bundt cake pan and was so thrilled to make her very own little bundt cake (no nuts). She insisted that it have frosting on it afterward and so I whipped up a little glaze for it. It turned out pretty good. The adult version, with it’s walnuts and no frosting, was very good too. Then I made some apple crisp. I couldn’t find my good recipe that I got from Tim’s Mom years ago and used a different one that got high ratings from — but it sucked. It was way to watery. Anyway, it was edible so I gave some of both to Jason when he picked up Soren for them all to share, my neighbor’s Karen and Donovan (the girls love them to bits), and drove over and dropped some off at Sigrid’s place because she was sick and having a bad day. When she texted later to say it was awesome, Morella practically blushed from the compliment.

After that we drove to Hyvee for dinner. I got the turkey dinner, a side of fruit and just split it three ways. They give you so much food that it always works out, and probably will work out for several more years. Maybe it will balance out when Soren starts joining us on these lunch trips…though by then Morella will be in school. Aww…I can’t think of that yet. Her late 3′s have been super…and I am excited to see what 4 will bring us. She is so engaging, thoughtful, crafty and clever. When we were finished eating we headed over to Savers to check out Halloween costumes. We riffled through the used costumes but she wasn’t impressed and Neeners was saying yes to everything. Then we saw the new (not that expensive) costumes and found a princess dress that has optic fiber glass in the skirt and freaking lights up when you press a button. It is amazing and so cool. Sadly it was the only one. So we went to look at Halloween Express after that to find one for Neeners — no luck. Morella closed her eyes and I walked her through the whole store without her looking. I think she might be starting to get over her fear hump. She is starting to be interested in spooky things…from afar. Then we went to Old Navy and they were almost all out of Halloween stuff. Neeners found a little pumpkin headband and wanted it. I got an awesome sweater. I have decided that Neeners will be a Jack O Lantern Fairy, and I will create an awesome costume and the cut out of a jack o lantern face will light up (either with LED lights or glow sticks…haven’t decided yet). And Morella will be a Twilight Fairy (will add face paint to the both of them). Ohh so exciting. I was remembering how I used to get so excited about Halloween — well into my 20′s, and would spend lots of time working on great costumes. I also loved seeing what else other people put together. I sort of lost that the past couple of years, but it might be coming back.

Got home by 8:45 and the kids were in bed by 9:00. Neeners has a late nap so I knew she wouldn’t have gone to sleep any sooner than that. I find that the time alone is … well lonely. But having the TV on helps (man I haven’t watched this much TV in ages). But it being a rainy night doesn’t help either. I had these big dreams of cleaning this whole place up … and mostly I just spent it crashed in front of the TV, while looking at the computer and writing in my journals. Aww who am I kidding, I have been wanting to do that for a very long time.

We had another video chat with Tim today and Morella counted to 10 for him…hurray! She got a special present for that. The Princess Celestia and Luna combo pack that she has been eying for months — that we have had for months because it is one of those limited edition things that would have disappeared by the time her birthday and christmas rolled around. So ponies and a light up dress. She sure got a lot today, but she has also been really good. Patient and helpful with Neeners, a great help with Soren and a super help to me.

One thought on “Day 2: Rainy day and shopping

  1. Jessie

    GAH! I had one of those fiberoptic dresses that was Yaya’s from years ago. I’ll bet with a little pinning, you could have gotten it to fit Morella. It was green with black overlay and was very lacy, gothic witch with a matching hat. Two weeks ago I put it in a bag for goodwill because I was sick of toting it around. damn. They do have those dresses up here. want me to take a look and get you one? I was just thinking the rainy day makes it feel cozy…I even am running the new furnace. YAY! I just love having that option…being warm and all…

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