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Well I survived. Sorry I didn’t get around to documenting the rest of it. Things got busy. Heck things are always busy. Tim came back on Saturday night and brought me a fantastic box of Halloween Rocky Mountain chocolates that are amazing. I have been sticking to one a day after the girls are in bed. He got Morella a zoo stamping kit from Melissa and Douglas that she loves, and a Splatter Thomas the Train train, which Neeners isn’t too fond off. Sheesh. It is nice to have a purple train though that is new and different. I am sure Soren will love it in the upcoming years. Uncle Ben sent home two matching advent calendars for the girls, which they will love because they are candy nuts.

On Saturday after soccer practice and general milling about the house, I met up with Ann and Noah and we headed to Mt. horeb to walk around and have dinner at the Grumpy Troll. It was nice and the kids were exceptionally well behaved. Afterward we went to the park near their water park for some late evening romping. It is sad to see how dark it is by 7 now. I am looking forward to the holiday lights to battle the darkness.

I was just commenting to Tim the other day that I am thrilled that the Holidays are finally here. Halloween, Tim’s Birthday, Morella’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, St. Nick’s Day, Christmas, New Years and then my own birthday. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to. I have been actually preparing for Christmas since July. Buying things here and there. Christmas is going to be nuts this year because it is at Grandma and Grandpa B’s house and there will be 8 kids 6 and under running amuck. You gotta prepare in advance for that.

For Thanksgiving, I am going to host it at my brother Shane’s with some help from Lori and Shannon. I guess it would be more accurate to say co- hosting. I any case, I am excited about that and the possibility of my Mom being there for a couple days while we are there so the girls get to spend more time with her.

Then I have to think about getting our family portrait done for the Christmas cards this year. Not to mention the whole bathroom fiscal, and Tim suggested we refinance the mortgage, and then I was thinking about soliciting quotes for remodeling the basement ( the biggest factor is removing the asbestos tiles and installing tile drains and a sub pump, so that any future renovations are not in vain). That all makes me think about drafting a new budget and sticking to it and not spending any money for the next six months.

Ugh, of course I went to Target tonight to get some wire stacking shelves for the new metal shelf I put in the kitchen to get rid of the wooden shelving unit I got 12 years ago used in exchange for helping someone move, and the ikea wooden shelf. While I was at Target for the practical things, a few unnecessary things found their way into my cart….as it always happens at Target. Morella helped me do that project today and it looks awesome. So much better than what I had before, and now we can see everything. Plus it still allows us to keep two of the cat boxes in the kitchen, and they can’t ruin the shelf because it is metal. Sometimes I wish cats had the life expectancy of dogs.

Morella is way into crafts and arts and now we do one every day. I am excited about finally being able to use my massive collection of artsy and crafty things and think of fun things to do. I can just imagine how much fun it will be when Neeners really gets into it too.

Tim has started to cook dinner every night. Well almost every night. We are only getting into week 3 of it, and last week I was on my own. I still cook…today I made a soup with the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, which I made, but Tim found the recipe. It has been nice to not have to stress about getting in time to cook while entertaining the girls. I still do all the clean up, which I don’t mind because I am better at it.

I went and visited my friend Stephanie whom I haven’t seen in many months. I thought before I went to bed last night that I was going to make an effort to see her and another friend Emily at least once a month. I feel like I finally am getting my groove back after a summer long hiatus. It is like these projects that have been brewing for two years are finally starting to get themselves finished. It is exhilarating, and at the same time I wish I had more hours to work on more things.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I just love Morella’s age. I have a feeling that 4 is going to be the best age yet. It nice balance to even out a rage, tantrum filled Neeners. I love my Neens, I do, but I could do with a few less screaming sessions from her. I do love that both of the girls spend a lot of time playing together, creating stories and enjoying each others company. Since they play so well together, it is easy to forget or procrastinate hanging out with the other moms and kids I used to when it was just Morella and No-neen to infant-neen.

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