Last Soccer, Hayride, Zoo, Window Shopping

Life with kids is so busy, isn’t it? I don’t think I really understood the old phrase “not enough hours in the day” until I had these kids. Hm. But I am grateful for the time that I do have.

Neeners right now is decorating my foot with Halloween stickers and making it “fooky”, and Morella is making a fooky scene in my journal out of stickers. We woke up to a rainy gloomy day, but as I write this very instant … the sun shown through. Maybe it won’t be gloomy all day…hey I will take that. My only big plan for the day is to take a shower, write a letter to my Mom, go to Target for AAA batteries, clean up the house. OH yeah and I have to pick up our new bathroom window from Home Depot sometime soon along with some wood shins and caulk. We were going to have the window replaced today but I found out last minute yesterday that we would need a permit for this. Suck!

I guess it gives me a few more days to figure out this tile situation. I should be dedicating a whole evening to watching videos and reading up on it, planning out a pattern getting supplies instead of watching TV and movies. I guess we had a pretty jam packed couple of days and yesterday I was crabby so … yeah.

Friday night we left the girls with Lowen and met up with Ann and Peter at Olbrich Gardens for Crackle and Froth. It was fun, but I was disappointed that the 8 firepits they had were ensconced by camping chairs, which had a few occupants. But for the most part, access to warming fire was very limited. I complained twice. I should get on that letter too. Anyway, I had too much to drink and should have paid for it more than I did the next day. I guess sometimes you get lucky. Still a very close call.

Saturday we had soccer practice and then hung out at home all day.

Sunday, we went to Henry Vilas Zoo for trick or treating — Morella looked fabulous and Neeners was cute. It was incredibly busy and poorly planned as usual. We walked around, met up with some friends and looked at animals. When it started to rain we stopped by Cafe Zu Zu to get the girls something to drink, and a treat. I got them an italian soda and watched as they just poured strawberry syrup into fountain drink sprite. Ewww..way too sweet. We went home and changed, ate some lunch and then I gave the girls the “Optional Zoo Goody Bag” (aka the bag of goodies if you opt to not trick or treat — great idea right?) Thanks, I made it up. I also made the goody bag and filled with a little candy and some trinket things I keep around. Morella and Neeners loved it, and Morella even said later in the day that it was her favorite part. I am planning on making another goody bag just in case trick or treating at the Capitol/State Street is too busy for the girls to stave off massive disappointment.

At 2:00 we were playing the last soccer game of the year. Thank god. Why we ever thought it was a good idea for a 3 year old soccer team to even exist is beyond me. We had the worst team of anyone we met. Getting three kids to stay on the field at at one time was practically impossible (out of 7). I am just so glad it is done and we don’t have to resort to bribery on a weekly basis. After the game we celebrated with egg/nut free cupcakes, the kids played in the leaves and on the playground equipment and we left just as it started to pour.

We drove over to the West side of Madison to meet up with some friends for a hay wagon ride and making smore’s around a campfire. Neeners crashed out during the ride but woke up and was happy after a bumpy wagon right and playing with Chuck S. and his daughter Daphne. We left after and hour because the day was catching up with us to get some taco’s from Fuzzy’s before heading home to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with some popcorn.

Morella made it through the movie fine. Neeners went to bed halfway through. However, Morella has gotten up the past two nights with nightmares. I don’t know if it is because of the movie or all the Halloween stuff in general. She is started to be intrigued with the spooky aspect of Halloween and I think daring herself to see/do more.

Yesterday I got an insulting email from my brother and perhaps over reacted a bit. :P It flavored my mood for most of the rest of the day though. But I did manage to turn it around by going out for a mocha with Morella and then looked at all the little shops at the Lake Edge Shopping Center, which includes a Ben Franklin, a Craft Market, a florist, a trendy baby store and a shoe store with a push pedal merry go round. I was impressed that Morella stopped the crafting we were doing to leave the house and do this together after I had suggested it. I guess she was hankering for some one on one time.

We got home with about 20 minutes to get ourselves ready for our annual family portrait shoot. We were going to meet Sara at Olbrich for photos. It was a beautiful day and perfect for taking pictures. I hope we got a good one. We had to bribe the girls with the promise of ice cream for some smiles (okay, I guess the bribery isn’t over yet) so we had dinner afterward at Micheal’s. Lots of eating out this past week. I keep telling myself that it is okay since we are going to be spending so much time inside once winter gets here. Except you know, at that point I will probably be telling myself that we need to get out as much as possible.

Anyway, I have blogged too long. On to the next mundane thing.

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