October Photos

We went to Mt. Horeb to look at trolls, walk around and eat dinner at the Grumpy Troll with Ann and Noah. This was the closest that the girls wanted to get to any troll.


On Thursdays, Hilary has been coming over for a short visit, and this last time we told Lowen she should come along. I hope this becomes something fun and I remember to bake delicious things on Wednesday.

We went to Crackle and Froth with Peter and Ann. This photo came out well with them.

I just realized that my camera has lots of cool effects on it! Here is Tim at the Great Dane for lunch with the girls and I.

Morella ran into her friend Bree at Trick or Treating at the Zoo. This first Halloween event was the best the girls looked, Neeners in her pumpkin suit aside. We met up with Chuck and Kathleen and Daphne for a brief minute, and saw the Red Panda for the first time.

Hayride at Elver Park followed by Smore’s making.

Trick or Treating in comfort — at the Overture Center while trick or treating on State Street.

Every time Morella wore her costume we face painted a different butterfly mask onto her.

Thumbnail, click image for larger photo. (If Morella or Neeners saw it of me just casually, I would expect some more nightmare nights). I went to the Inferno with Sigrid on Saturday night and had an absolute blast being a zombie. Seriously, I shuffled around the entire night on the dance floor and looked at people like they were hamburgers. I got several “Creepy” comments, which was awesome. No one hit on me, surprisingly enough. Also I am pretty sure I was the most comfortable person there in my jammies and Tim’s puppy slippers.

There we go. I gotta go and write a big check out to our contractor for finishing up the bathroom. The plumber just left this morning and was the most expensive thing yet — $500….ugh ugh ugh. That brings the total bathroom renovation cost up to $1600 I think. But, things will look so much better after I am done tiling…and painting…right? As most people keep saying “tiling isn’t that hard….” Or is it “Tiling doesn’t LOOK too hard”. Hm..

2 thoughts on “October Photos

  1. Jessie

    I am not kidding when I tell you that when we cleaned the scary basement, I found 5 or 6 brand new, unopened packages of stone tiles. If we lived closer I would sure give them to you. They are really nice. I hope you take pictures anyway. I love renovation before and afters :)

  2. phil

    hey, laura –

    i have NOT been checking google+ at all, but have been meaning to get in touch and a quick google search resulted in this. [also, i don't think i know how to use google+...]

    depending on how reliable my email contacts are, you may or may not be getting a couple messages about this, but whatever… i recently moved and am planning to send out cards/CDs announcing this, so i wanted to find out what your current address is and how you are/have been doing. i hope everything is okay with you and tim and the girls.

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