Swearing, bed sharing and baths

Phil, my address is the same and I would love to hear from you! I will email it to you just to be sure.

My bathroom project is on hold…rather delayed due to illness. Tim and I are both sick and battling a chest cold. Mine came on quite suddenly yesterday, though if I were to be honest I have been low energy and tired all weekend. So perhaps I was coming down with something..this thing.

We had to bring in a plumber to install the new bath fixtures yesterday morning. He came at 7:50 even though he was supposed to be here at 7:30. What really matters here is that I was up at 7 and hurting because it was so early. Anyway, Bob the plumber comes to the door brandishing blue booties and asking if he should wear them. He was tall, like 6’5″, and was incredibly polite. I was getting ma’am every other word, and he was very careful with how he phrased everything. I was actually impressed with how proper he was and thought it was intriguing to run into an old fashioned gentleman in the plumbing business. About half way through his stay here our contractor came to work on the outside bathroom window trim. He came in, and Bob kept calling Dave “Buddy”. They exchanged some small talk and then helped each other out in a screw extraction from the bath wainscot ( at my repeated insistence that they find a way to make it work, otherwise inwas facing an extra 300 – 400 dollars for labor).

Anyway, the shower and tub valves were replaced, I had him replace our bathroom faucet to a single handle (it was leaking excessively and the throught of dragging two kids around with me for another morning was disheartening…besides I was sick), and the screw was extracted so that I can put my old wainscot back in, with new screws. I was in the bathroom looking at the walls when I heard Bob talking with Dsve, who was in the front yard sawing. They talked for about 10 minutes, and as they kept talking I was curious to know what they were talking about. So I cracked the new window a bit and eavesdropped. I was shocked when I heard Bob drop the F-bomb every single sentence he uttered. Sometimes he started and ended the sentence with some variation of the “fuck.”.

I later asked Dave if I had accidentally overheard right, and that he was swearing a lot. Dave, matter of factly, replied “yeah, those contractors always talk like that.”.

That totally explained why Bob was almost incredibly polite. Ha ha ha. Now I sort of wished I had been dressed, with make up and hair done in a clean house have played my part better.


Tonight I went to bed early to watch a movie, and try to recover faster after the girls were supposedly in bed. I heard Morella weeping in her room for about five minutes before I got up to see what the problem was. I peeked in and asked her “What is your problem?”

“Neeners!” she wailed. I looked towards Neeners bed trying to see her in the dark.

“What is the problem with Neeners?” I asked.
“Neeners won’t stop…..wailing…mumble mumble…” crying continues.

“Morella, what is Neeners doing?” I asked and stepped into her room to look. At that point a little head pops out from under the covers, next to Morella in her bed (pushing her out) saying brightly “Yes Mommy?”

Ha ha ha. Poor miserable Morella had been begging Neeners to go back to her own bed that whole time.


I gave the kids their own individual baths in their fly boats this morning. I put their clear storage bins in the kitchen and filled them with water. They loved it and now their hair doesn’t look as greasy anymore. I myself even managed to take a bath awhile later in the tub and felt so much better afterward.

Now to get a good nights sleep so that I will be all refreshed for tomorrow’s fun at the Kalahari water park in Wisconsin Dells. Tim’s parents are there for a conference and will be giving us their water park passes. Woo!

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