I got home yesterday feeling like an empty husk. I tried to take a nap but was interrupted continually by cats bouncing off of me and yowls echoing around the walls. Bastards. Then I watched the series finale of Sabrina. Ahh….Sabrina is done. Remember when she was Clarissa and she explained it all? I had a mini crush on Sam. After the show was done I went to bed to think…or just lay down. I still wasn’t feeling so hot. Moments later it was dark and Tim was climbing into bed. I got up went to the john and realized it was 2:00 in the morning What was Tim doing up so late?

Turns out it was me that was keeping up with teeth grinding and night frights. I used my teeth guard for the first time then, and didn’t drool like everyone warned I would be. Although I did worry for about five minutes whether or not the droop spill would soak my hair from collecting on the pillow.

Tonight I am going to go to this shindig at the Chase Cafe. It’s called Frequency Response v2.0.

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