It has been a flurry of activity. Last week Tim and I were sick, finishing up the window, bathroom wall replacement, plumber installing valves, a day trip to the Kalahari resort and water park (I got to ride on a water slide for the first time in my life!), taking a tiling class, figuring out how to lay tile, starting my tile project, and now the girls are sick too.

Morella was up every 30 minutes last night crying about how miserable she was with her runny nose. Eventually I took her to bed with me where she slept for a couple hours before unreasonable demands set in and she went back to her bed. So today might be more of a survive kind of day. Which is okay because since I started to feel better I have been a flurry of activity.

Soren is here and Morella won’t stop talking my ear off.

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