Morella: Age 4

Tonight as we put the girls to bed, I hugged Morella and kissed her thrice as it would be the last time for my three year old Morella. Tonight at 1:42am I will have a four year old daughter. A bright, beautiful, funny, silly, creative, loving, sensitive sweet sweet little girl. Though I can’t tell you that she is little within her earshot, or she will be quick to correct.

“I a big girl.”

In the journey of three, Morella has:

–Become a fish and loves to be in the water
–Gone on her first family vacation
– Ridden a boat three times
–Rode in a horse drawn carriage
–Learned how to pump on a swing
–Mastered using scissors
–Learned to draw recognizable figures and things
–Excells in speaking (maybe a little too much ;)
–Feeds the cats and dog
–Became best friends with her sister
–Learned how to peddle a three wheeler bike
–Can ride and do tricks on her scooter better than any other kid I know
–First tea party
–Knows all about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
–Put on her first dance recital (in house specials)
–Took pre-ballet
–Participated in two seasons worth of soccer (Team Unisaurs)
–Had a great birthday where no one got violently I’ll
–Got a membership to one of her favorite places, Olbrich Gardens
–Participated in Ride the Drive
–Rollerbladed with her Daddy
–Painted the basement and bathroom with me
–Became a wonderful shopping companion
–Understands social embarrassment (we are struggling with this)
–Started sharing a room with her sister
–Began picking out her own library books
–Can put train tracks together
–Is brilliant in imaginative play
–Her hair is now halfway down her back
–Is 40 3/4 inches tall
–Has started to eat more than just the frosting on cake
–Can jump 360
–Is a great help in the kitchen and can measure accurately
–Had her first overnight stay at her grandparents (2 days)
–Went to Bay Beach 3 times
–Stayed at her Dega’s for a week with me and Neeners
–Still loves pink
–Was a butterfly Princess Fairy for Halloween
–Can compose songs and loves to sing
–Favorite song(s) Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Winnie the Pooh Theme Song, Sky Full of Lighters by Good VS Evil
–Switched to whole milk (flavored with strawberry syrup)
–Progressed to more complicated stories (fairy tales, wordy books)
–Can make up and tell her own stories
–Still gets pretty nervous and scared about tension in movies
–Had her first real fever dream
–Struggles with nightmares after late bedtimes and “scary” things
–Can count to 10
–Can climb most play structures unassisted

And finally, the last day of being 3.

Happy Birthday to the girl who made me Mom.

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