Thanksgiving Weekend

Coffee is brewing, the kids have been fed and its now almost 10:30. Neeners has been staying up late and getting up early to rampage around the house. It’s hard on a Mom, I tell you. ;) Anyway. We are all up now, though I still haven’t put in my contacts and my day never feels started until I take these broken glasses off. [Break for tying brown ribbon on Apple Jack] The kids knocked them down a couple weeks ago off my night stand. I knew they had fallen, so I had taken extra care to step down far away and … crunch. Sigh. I have a newer pair but I don’t like them because they keep stretching way out and falling off my face. I have had them adjusted twice and … ugh. This old trusty pair also has nose pieces, which I find I like very much. You don’t need to adjust them as much. [Break to tell Neeners I don't know where another school bus is.]

There I got a cup. I also found “mocha chocolate spoon swirl” that I got in the spring [Break for tying another ribbon on Rarity] a while back. The handle was broken but the rest was wrapped in plastic and still looked good. So far it is pretty good and I feel all fancified. [Break for putting on animal saddle onto Twilight Sparkle].

I have another cold and I blame it on running out of fish oil. I had gotten a huge vat of it back in the spring at Costco with Lowen and had filled my old container since the new one was so big. [Pause to admire the bucket on Rainbow Dash's leg]. I have now been out a week and I have no idea where the big container is. I think it might be in the hallway closet since I searched the basement to no avail. Stupid, stupid colds. Last year I was vigilant about fish oil, and barely got sick. This year? Ugh. [Pause to break up a fight. Morella is hoarding toys and Neeners started playing with some of them.]

Thanksgiving was good. We got up, watched the Macy’s Parade and got ready. Then we headed up to visit my brother and have dinner at his neighbor’s, who is my younger brother’s aunt. So it’s not like we totally just crashed a thanksgiving. The food was awesome and plentiful, the kids all got along great, they had kittens for Neeners to crush on, and the weather was play outside warm. We just had to stay near the house because the woods were echoing with the sounds of guns. Seriously, what happened to the old fashioned one shot, pause, another shot? The noises I was hearing sounded like an all out war. I was also a little disappointed later to realize I barely hung out with Shane, but that was because he kept going back to his house and I couldn’t leave the kids and they wanted to be around the other kids. Oh well, it was probably for the better. He had chainsaws all over his kitchen. Maybe I will go and visit him again before Christmas, though each weekend seems so busy. I could go on a Monday or Sunday though. Hmm.

We headed back around 6:30 and made it home by 9 ish. We had to stop in the Dells for a potty and donut break. It was one of the only gas stations open in the whole area. [Pause to tell Morella that Twlight Sparkle keeps falling out of the scooter airplane because she wasn't made for that toy]. I had seriously considered going out and doing some black friday shopping because most of it started at midnight. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had many chances to do shopping after midnight and it just reminded me of those exotic store openings only for celebrities after hours. In the end, I was tired and I saw that I didn’t want most of the things offered. I checked out JC Penny and saw that their deals were available online right away (stores didn’t open until 4). So I shopped there. I got an awesome wooden, adjustable easel that can also convert to a table for only $40. Incredible. I also got a nice pair of leggings for 9, a pair of delicate white, ruffle [Pause to listen to Morella's heroic tale of finding Neeners kitty] ballerina jammies for Morella and a 7 pack of My Little Pony Underwear for Morella. I admit, Morella won out on this one, but she outgrew her underwear went from 20 pairs to 6. I think the Easel might be the “big” Christmas present for the kids. [Pause to play christmas music on Pandora].

After I finished my shopping, Tim and I played some Borderlands and then went to bed. Friday we spent it home and in the backyard, working on individual projects and recovering from the hustle and bustle. Saturday Morella’s friend Noah for over for the afternoon while his parents went to a Badger game. I got a lot done during the day even though I was low energy and not focused (getting sick). I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner (meatloaf), took down some birthday decorations and converted the pink ones into little pom pom’s, looked at a bunch of old magazines, cleaned Morella’s room (she trashed it with Noah) and some other stuff that I can’t remember right now. Oh I bathed the kids too, that has to count for something. No more coloring on the walls though, the washable crayons are super hard to get out of the sanded grout lines. OH well, there are a thousand other things they can do in the tub.

After the kids were supposed to be in bed, I figured it was time to start working on Neeners stocking to see if I could finish it before Christmas. First I had to spent an hour looking for it. Eventually I found it behind the couch. Hurray! Of course the whole time I had a little helper…Neeners did not go bed. Instead she followed me every step of the way and asking me what I was doing. After I found it, I sat on the couch with a hot drink and choose a movie to watch. We had recorded a bunch of ones from the free VIP Uverse weekend. Neeners stayed up and watched Gnomeo and Juliet (bleh) with me and lounge on my lap with teary eyes and a sniffley nose. When I saw the state of how miserable she looked I realized then that I was sick and it wasn’t just a blip. After the movie was done I put her to bed and watched Gulliver’s Travels (Jack Black) and worked on the stocking. OH man, to be able to sit down and do my two favorite things — watch movies and craft? Heaven!

[Huge time taken to look download and look through photos to post from Gaga Lori, and then realized I had closed this window, and then Morella feel backwards into a hard box, and thank goodness for autosaving drafts].

Here are some choice photos taken by Gaga Lori (My younger brother Andrew, who didn’t feel the need to show up because he is 20 and full of it). I have yet to look at my camera.

Dessert eating for all

All the kids playing after dinner

Half of the grownups taking their turn at the table.  Why are we all wearing black?  Sheesh.

Cody and I outside watching kids and looking at Lil Bit.

Thanksgiving Sunset in Dells Dam

Shane returning from giving the girls a ride in his Tank.

After coming inside crafting.

Neeners getting ready for her first kitten holding, which she kept up the rest of the time we were there.

Neeners, the Kitten Whisperer. Tim and I were genuinely sad that we couldn’t bring one home for her. However, we have three bastards that need to go before we get another one.

Well, I suppose that took up a major chunk of the morning. It’s 12:00 now and I should probably think about paying some attention to the kids and working on clearing out the space where the Christmas tree will go. I finally broke down and took some tylenol and feel a little better. Or maybe it’s because I am almost through my second large cup of coffee.  Whatever, it’s time to go.

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