To do, sick and thoughts

My neck hurts today. I seem to get that tortucali.s..slslhlsj  … uh kinked neck on a monthly basis.  Maybe it was because Morella ended up in my bed for most of last night and then tagged teamed with Neeners. But really, she kept to her own side, whereas Neeners wants to cuddle.  So it’s probably Neeners fault.

Last night I felt miserable! The cold hit its peak and was exploding every other minute. It made me think of how Morella cries when it is like that and how miserable it just is.  Regardless,  Tim made dinner and we made some sugar cookies, then decorated them so that we would have Christmas cookies, real home made hot coco on the stove, Christmas music and a cozy living room to decorate the tree.  Morella and Neeners did a fabulous job, and yes the bottom is a little more decorated than anywhere else, but I don’t feel the need to fix it. It looks fine. I looks like kids helped and did an awesome job of it.

I have done two online shopping things this year. JC Penny and GAP … I usually never shop online for Christmas presents, but this year the deals were good enough to not get dressed and go to a store hoping that they would have what I wanted.  So that will be fun to get things in the mail.   What I really need to do this morning is check my credit card balance (we have been using that card more to pay for everyday things to get the rewards money) and pay the mortgage.  I also need to take a shower.  Who knows, maybe it will help me feel better.  Oh you know what would make me feel better for sure?  Pain killers.  BRB.

There we go.  The girls have been playing so well together this morning. I didn’t get up until close to 10. Tim let me sleep in…he says…but you know the girls play together so well in the morning that we can get away with sleeping in or dozing.  My excuse is that I was up several times … and uh, I am sick.  :P   You think I would feel better though, and why do I feel guilty about it?  I mean, they are doing great playing with each other. What am I supposed to do? And yes, I have been on the laptop a lot this morning, but I had Christmas shopping to do!  And now I need to post because I haven’t posted frequently in forever.   I think I mentioned it already, but it is because Tim works from home now and my access to the desktop is limited.  You just can’t do that much on the Ipad other than look at things, not without it being a big of a chore.

Today.  I have to shower, pay some bills, take the kids in for their flu shot, clean up.  Get Morella to work on her birthday thank you’s a little more, work on cleaning up the house (forever in progress).  I also wanted to look up ideas for Christmas countdown activities. You know each day the kids get to move the candy candy to the next slot and then pick a fun activity out of a stocking.   I also need to write an email to the book club because I have been awful about it.  I am not a very good book club leader right now.  I am not a very good leader in anything at this point, to be honest.  I feel like my focus the last few months has to been to reconnect with myself and old friends, the house and the enjoy the holidays with my kids.   Maybe I spread myself too thin.

Alright. I gotta take a shower, get dressed, get Morella dressed and unassemble the “mountain” that the girls built in their room that has every single stuffie, blanket and pillow in the house thrown together.  Hold on, I’ll take a picture. I will have to use Tim’s phone camera. His phone is like new, whereas mine is beat the heck up.  Case in point why more women’s clothing needs pockets.  I apologize for the big size. The laptop doesn’t have a photo editing program on it.

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