New Mommies and Fairy Houses

My neck really hurts today, on day three of bad kinked neck. I figured out what caused the problem though! The other night Neeners came into our room and asked to cuddle. So laying down, I reached over and picked her up and realized that my neck was strained … and then BINGO! That is it! Neeners is the cause of my kinked neck. I am straining my whole left side when I pick her up from a laying position to get into bed with us. Ugh. So no more of that. I am desperate for relief today and am currently trying an Icy Hot Patch (Target knock off). The sensation is so, very weird. I am battling with the urge to take it off, but then if I do that it is wasted and maybe I just need to go through this in order for it to finally feel better. Right? I tried my massage pillow earlier and some ibuprofen and nothing. What I probably need to do is just lie in bed for a few days with a couple great books, some movies and my stocking felt craft that I am working on, oh and the lap top in case in get inspired to write. That would cure me, I am sure.

Anyway. I took the girls out for lunch at Hyvee and then a trip to Target for toliet paper, which also meant we got five dollars worth of dollar bin stuff, tweezers (two pairs because I am sick of always losing them), target brand icy hot patches and some “christmas” glitter nail polish that I am going to do as an advent activity. OH and a coffee for me on the way out. I take the girls to the car, load the stuff and then hear Morella whispering over and over “I have to go pee. I have to go pee.”

“What?” I asked.
“I have to go pee!” She hollered in response.
“Why didn’t you say something when we were in the store?” I asked and threw bags behind her into the back.
“I have to go pee!” she repeated.
“Well, you are just gonna have to wait until we get home,” I said. “Now get in your seat.” She started screaming and saying “Hurry! Hurry!” and sitting like a plank in her seat. Meanwhile Neeners is chugging soda from her sippy cup and looking nonchalant.

“Do you really really have to go?” I asked.
“I have to pee!” she cried.
“Fine,” I said. “Just fine. We have to go all the way across the parking lot, back into the store just so you can go pee when we could have been done already if you had just said something.” I took her out of the car, carried Neeners and grabbed my keys and wallet before locking the car. We marched back into the store (and when I mean we park far away, we do. It’s always busy at the East Target and is a 3 minute walk) with Morella sobbing the whole way. We get into the bathroom and she continues to bawl despite a countdown and peeing. Finally when she is done she says “I want a hug after I am done peeing!” I say “Okay.” And help her.

After she washes her hand, and I refuse to carry both of them, and we exit the store, she says “I no want you. I don’t want you Mommy.”

“Well,” I say holding their hands and walking them “I am sure we could find another Mom somewhere in this parking lot”.

“No Mommy. I am just crabby. That is why I say that.”
“I know you are,” I reply and bundle them into the car.

Last week, Morella’s godmother by marriage Kelly sent her a birthday present. A wonderful, fantastic beautifully crafted fairy house.

For more pictures of the fairy house and details please visit: The Wonderful Fairy House album.

Thank you so much Kelly. We all love it and will cherish it for years to come.

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