Today is totally sucking. I mean it started out sucky…with the train. I hate the redline/purple transfer at the Howard stop. There are TWO tracks with three different train routes competing on it. I really don’t know what I hate more…the skokie/yellow line taking up space because it comes from the trainyard (which is located at the howard stop). It comes straight from the yard and just sits there taking up room, so that the red lines that constantly come through has only one track to use. This is further exasperated by the fact that the purple line is ALWAYS late. So it gets to go in front of the redline to the station. That is how I watched two purple go right past me, since I get on the Jarvis stop (which is one stop before the Howard platform). IF I could walk that distance, I would, but the neighborhood isn’t the greatest and walking for 25 min defeats the purpose of taking the train right?

I hate the train. So, since the purple line doesn’t stop at Jarvis, (but only at Howard and all the stops in Evanston), I had the pleasure of watching two purple lines pass me. Once while I was on the Jarvis platform, and another while I was on the redline train with a conductor that was upgraded from driving the short bus. Then, on the coldest day of the year (-16 F) I wait for a total of 50 minutes. While I third purple line, convienently out-of-service pulls up and hogs the left side track for another 10 minutes. Twenty-five minutes after it is apparent that the purple line is late, the stationmaster mumbles. “there has been a delay in the purple line express, coming in the next five minutes.” 13 mintues later it does arrive, and three minutes after that, another purple line goes through. What the fuck? I wish I could car pool. I wish I could, but no one seems to live around where I do, or they live actually IN Evanston and drive. I wouldn’t mind the purple line so much if I could just get on at Howard. This connecting is bullshit.

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