It was a pretty good weekend, and I tell you about today…Tuesday? Figures. Anyway. We managed to get out to a Christmas party on Saturday night at Bill S’s house. He had a white elephant exchange going on and I got a … ugh…. a Nagel print of a woman with sunglasses on. My friends. I hate Nagel. I don’t know many artist names, but I know his because I hate it that much, and I “won” it. I couldn’t for the life of me get anyone else to take it. So here it sits. Either someone who loves Nagel tells me they want it, or I figure out how to repurpose the frame. It is a rather nice frame. Tim’s prize was something I told him to steal – a Celtic Christmas 2 disc CD. These people thought that was bad?! If I could have only gotten the Cat Calander and puzzle I would have cleaned up. Alas…Nagel. (puke)

Morella is wailing in the bathroom. Trying to force cry this one to keep going for another five minutes. It’s pretty dramatic and fake sounding at this point. The lastest trigger in this overtired preschooler is that Neeners got to the bathroom first. Man. This after having an awesome day. I took her to her dentist appointment, came home and put Neeners down for a nap, and then took Morella to the Mall so that she could look around and get ideas for what she wanted to ask Santa. She picked out the Melissa and Doug Cupcake set, followed by another tea set. Ugh. Not another tea set.

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