Cookies, the Nut Cracker, new family traditions

This is like the second day in a row (fingers crossed) that there isn’t something wrong with me. I have struggled with the recurrence of a badly pinched nerve in my neck, then on Saturday I got a terrible migraine that made talking and thinking difficult. Ugh. Enough already.

Saturday Morella woke up with a tissue applied to her nose and hasn’t let up since. Neeners copied her on Sunday and so now we have two boogery girls, but at least they are getting better and there were no fevers involved. It’s interesting. When they were babies, every time they got sick they got a fever. Every single time. Now they can get sick but not have a fever…I wonder if that is just a side effect of experience? Hm.

The family started to make cookies yesterday. I made nut cookies (tea cakes), peanut butter blossoms, cream cheese mints, and the dough for the sugar cookie cutouts. The day before Tim and Morella made the snickerdoodles. All cookies are frozen now. It helps for us to not eat them that way and keeps them fresh until we are done with all of them and ready for the Grand Dispersal. ;) I am not sure what I am going to do today. Take a shower I guess. Cut out and bake sugar cookies, and make spritz? I am not a fan of cutting out, baking and decorating sugar cookies in one day. It’s too much and way to easy to get cookie burnout. I don’t like the idea of taking the girls out of the house when they are coughing and emitting large volumes of yellow snot every five minutes. I guess I could clean too, since I feel better. Really what I want to do is a bunch of stuff for myself. Like journal, and wrap gifts and stuff like that.

The girls have been terrible about going to bed the last two weeks. I mean terrible. Like 11:30PM terrible. It’s like they are taking turns staying up until I go to bed. We put them to bed at reasonable times, usually between 7:30 and 9:00, depending on how late they stayed up the night before, but they just won’t stay there. Morella has been up because she can’t go to sleep with her boogers and waits until she passes out. Neeners was up because she dumped a whole bunch of liquid in her bed when she fell asleep with her nighttime cup. Or Morella will have nightmares 2-4 times a night. Or Neeners isn’t sleeping because she took too late of a nap and we couldn’t wake up her in time.

But you know what? IT doesn’t matter how long she sleeps. If either of these kids so much as have a 10 minute nap during the day they will not go to bed. The rule with Morella is that she doesn’t get naps anymore unless we are traveling or she is sick. But Neeners….she still wants that nap expect she pushes it back to 3 now and that is too late. She can make it without a nap but only until 6:30 or 7:00 and those are rather unpleasant hours.

Anyway, sorry I digressed into a sleep post (boring) but my point is that I have not had a minute to myself in many, many days. Okay that isn’t completely true. I do go out and run errands and leave the kids with Tim. But then sometimes I also take one of them with me. I took Neeners with me on Saturday to State Street to pick up my tickets to the Nut Cracker.

Oh my gosh. I gotta tell you about that one. Last month I had this idea that I wanted to take Morella to the Nutcracker. I looked online and saw the ticket prices and decided against it. Decent seats were at least $30 bucks each and the best were upwards of $60. There was no way I was going to take Morella up into the triple balcony, nose bleed seats for the bargain price of $9-12. They were, however, having a give away of tickets. I consulted with Tim and we agreed that a spending that much on a 4 year old going to a show was just too much, but if I won tickets then that might be different.

Well, I won! I won tickets! I had to call to find out where they were, but when I first discovered that I won I didn’t think I would be able to go because the show times were Friday the 23rd at 7:00 (no good), Saturday the 24th at 2:00, and Monday the 26th at 1:00. We were still planning on going up to his parents at that point so it wasn’t gonna happen. THEN, we had Thanksgiving, in which I made a considerable sacrifice to only do a day trip to visit my family instead of spending the weekend. I commented to Tim on the way back how disappointed I was that we were not going to be able to set in stone our own Christmas traditions with the girls. No Santa, or opening a present the night before. Not being able to visit friends Christmas eve and share cookies and eggnog. Not being able to see the girls wake up on Christmas morning and drink some hot coco as they tear into gifts….awww. Anyway. Tim suggested then that we shouldn’t go. We should stay here and then go up to visit them on Christmas day and spend the afternoon with everyone. We would go to our own Christmas Eve service in Madison and then have all Christmas day to ourselves and family. Then we would drive back, and not have to kennel the dog, and everyone would get to sleep in their own beds.

Okay. We made this momentous decision and suddenly a whole world of things opened up to us. A big Christmas party on Friday night, and then I get to take Morella to the Nut Cracker in our $32 each seats on Christmas Eve. Oh my gosh, she is going to be so excited. We are both going to dress up, and have a magical afternoon. She is going to be so surprised, excited and thrilled. I have already prepped her by watching the Maurice Sendak Nut Cracker Ballet on TV on one of the nights she wouldn’t go to bed.

In other news we started putting Neeners in underwear after taking off her nighttime diaper. Normally she hasn’t done anything, and will hold it until afternoon nap diaper. But yesterday she pooped in her panties and I had to clean that up. She had only peed in the potty once a couple weeks ago. A part of me can’t help but to compare how at this exact age, Morella potty trained herself.

The girls are in their flyboats reading books to me, and sitting with their stuffies. I wonder when I will ever get to use those plastic storage bins for … storage.

2 thoughts on “Cookies, the Nut Cracker, new family traditions

  1. Jessie

    a little trick I learned in theater class: If you show up on the day of the show and stand in line, usually there will be someone standing there that just wants to get rid of their tickets cheap because something came up and they can’t attend. That is your best bet on getting seats together; however, just before the show starts, the ticket booth will start handing out tickets super cheap just to get rid of them and fill seats. You can usually get 2 together then, but not always. Anyway, My professor took all 20 of us to the theater and we all got tickets for under 10 bucks (mine were 3) and we were all on the main level next to the stage (I was about 3 rows in). Miller said he takes the class to do this every semester and no one has ever had to pay full price for tickets. pretty cool.

  2. Rebekah

    That’s awesome about winning tickets to the Nutcracker! Rowan and I were able to go to the dress rehearsal and she really liked it.

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