December to do and photos

Sorry, it has been forever. I have been meaning and wanting to post but lets face it, December is a brutally busy month for all of us. I have a few minutes right now to edit photos and write something down. Tim has a half day today so he is downstairs playing with the girls and Soren finally passed out. Having Soren is such a lovely reminder that in general, I do not miss little babies — all that carrying and trying to decipher what the heck it is that they want now. Though Soren is a good kid. ;)

Anyway. It is so nice to have a minute to myself to take a breather and write. I might have to do this tidbit style to get more down.

–I love Christmas shopping hours. I love being able to go to almost any store I want at 11:00 PM to browse in peace and quiet. It’s brilliant, though I feel a little bad for the clerks that people like me make them stay open that late.

–We finished our annual Cookie Box yesterday and delivered them all (except two). This year’s plate included: Russian Tea Cake, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Sugar cookies with royal icing, snickerdoodles, white chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in sprinkles, rolo turtles, peppermint and pecan saltine toffee (separate batches), fudge with walnuts, thumbprint cookies with bumbleberry jam, spiced molasses cookies, spritz cookies with cherry and almond flavors, and cream cheese mints. Everyone is always so happy and surprised to get them from us, though some neighbors I know look forward to it.

–Had Morella make her own, and help with Neeners Santa letter and then went to Macy’s to deliver them to the Santa box. For every letter received they donated a dollar to the Make a Wish Foundation. While we were at Hilldale we had dumplings and noodles with Sigrid and then browsed the great toy store Playthings.

–Took the girls to see the big Christmas Tree at the Capitol, looked at the train, went to Capitol Kids to Christmas shop for cousins and then had pizza at Ian’s. My favorite pizza place.

–Morella had her 4 year well check. She now officially weights 32 pounds! We broke the 30 barrier! Hip hip hooray! And she measured at 39 1/2 inches. Though at home she measures 40.25. When asked if she wanted to get her shots now or wait a year, she oped for waiting a year. Smart kid. She did however fail the drawing a triangle, square and plus sign test, as well as the knowing her first and last name portion. She got a vision test and passed that with flying colors and was able to draw a wonderful person. I gave everyone in my play group a heads up as their kids head into their 4 years, and everyone has been practicing. I am happy to report that right now both girls know their full name.

–Ordered, received, updated address database, wrote the Christmas letter and got all our cards mailed out. There was a happy accident and we got an extra hundred cards free of charge, so we were able to send everyone a primo card this year. :D

[The girls are back upstairs.... bummer]

St. Nick’s presents. Since their shoes are so little, I had to wrap everything to keep it together and placed it on top.

Morella went to the dentist for the second time ever. She did great! No cavities, though I got some wordage on how she should visit a orthodontist when she is 7 for a consultation based on how her baby teeth grew in.

Morella is such a good listener and does so good at the doctors office. She loves leaving the dentist with a bag full of goodies especially.

Morella in one of her Nutcracker outfits. She has been obsessed with the Nutcracker. I can’t wait for tomorrow…she is going to just explode into little Morella bits. I bought her a new party dress, shoes and tights for tomorrow. In this photo she is opening a belated birthday/early christmas present from my Mom. She got a baby dolls and a bunch of baby things to go with it. She immediately called the new baby “Good Soren” and went on and on about how he never cried, went to sleep when he should and never spits up. For some inexplicable reason, she is grossed out by Soren. I think its because she expects him to barf any second.

Speaking of which, here is the boy passed out on the couch.

Morella’s letter to Santa

Neeners letter to Santa

At Hilldale. The nice thing about Hilldale is that they have a Santa that you can pose with and take your own pictures. The girls weren’t interested in that, though they did wave to him.

Morella sending her letter.

Neeners picking her nose. There is a 50/50 chance she another sinus infection or if this is just a new hobby.

Merry Snismas!

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