Christmas Time 2011

I turned off the TV, found the awful smell in the kitchen — cleaned it up and then some of the kitchen and am currently letting incense try and take care of the lingering smell. Yuck. Anyway, while doing dishes is productive in that dishes get clean, it’s also an excellent way to think about tons of mundane things. That is for another post. This post is going to try and finish a photo post I started the other day.

Checking out the Christmas Tree at the Capitol. A passerby was kind enough to take our photo for me. It was really a super day, everyone was so nice and held doors open for me, and smiled at the girls. It was one of those days that felt straight out of a Christmas movie about the awesomeness of small town life.

Noah and Morella at the Solstice party at Olbrich. We have gone 3 out of 5 years and this is the first without snow. We didn’t stay long because the “punk fire” burned out fast and it was extremely muddy and dark.

Neeners and Noah’s Mom – Ann.

One of each of the things we made for the annual cookie box, minus the peanut blossom that I added after the fact.

Christian invited us to his annual family Christmas party. The girls had a wonderful time dancing in front of complete strangers next to the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve brunch at Lowen’s house. We decided it’s gonna be a yearly thing, it was so nice.

Soren reaching after Neener’s hair and Morella.

Morella’s with Clara’s Mother at the Nutcracker performance on Christmas Eve

Neeners felted stocking is the unfinished one of the right. I swear those things take 60 hours of work.

Tim and Morella on Christmas Day

Our first family Christmas Dinner together at home. Morella is the only dressed and we do dinner at 5:00. ;) It was pure awesome.

I had a hard time deciding on photos taken and narrowed a bunch of them down, but even so it’s too much to put on a post. Therefore I have decided to post them on Facebook and you can see the rest of the photos by clicking on the following link: The Holidays 2011.

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