Nice day out recap

Morella has croup, going on a week and half now (that I have kept track of). I have been giving her honey before bedtime and have a cool mist humidifier in her room running at full steam (heh). But I only started that part yesterday. Tonight she seems just as bad as before and right at night her voice gets barky and she starts coughing. Should I take her to the doctor? I had always assumed that this was something that was a side effect of a cold (which she didn’t have) and that it would just go away after a day or two. This doesn’t seem to be going away. It also doesn’t affect her during the day at all. She doesn’t cough, have a fever or seem in low spirits, yet at night she is miserable. Ugh. Why can’t I download a pediatrician app into my head?

I had a pretty good day with the girls. We have been holed up in the house for the last couple of days. At first it was post Christmas destressing, then it became something where I was trying to work up a good cabin fever. But you know what I just realized? I have started to get the blues the last few days….there might be a link here. I had to get out of the house today because we ran out of coffee. Getting coffee is apparently one heck of a way to motivate me to get into the shower, get the kids dressed and write up a list for things we need to get at Target. I stopped my McDonalds to get a starter coffee and dropped one off for Tim before we went to the distant Target to shop. I was going to stick to my list, but I got suckered into the 50% off stuff and the girls were so well behaved sitting in the cart playing with 50% off giraffe’s that I lingered far too long. You know what I mean. While I was shopping I drank an entire large Starbuck’s coffee, so I was feeling pretty good at the end of the trip. Good enough to go to Old Navy and see what they had to offer — and drink my still warm McDonald’s coffee on the way there.

Old Navy was great and I stocked up on some of my favorite things for a fraction of the price I would have paid going sooner. I got two new hoodies and can’t wait to get rid of my old, dirty stained ones. I even got a new dress for 8$. After that we went home and unloaded our goodies and then scurried the kids outside to play and pick up dog poop. Neeners eventually got cold only wearing a coat and we went back inside. I left to Old Navy to return a hoodie I got for Tim because it was hung wrong and I got the wrong size. Oh a side note, the kids totally charmed everyone there by each putting one of the straps of their bags over their shoulder and carrying my bag for me while singing “Teamwork!” Those kids are so totally awesome.

Anyway. I ran back and exchanged it for the last one. If I had waited until tomorrow then I would have been out of luck. Came back home and Neeners passed out on my chest while I looked at the internet and made Christmas scene’s out of 50% off foam stickers with Morella. Then when she work up we played My Little Pony and then I took the kids to Tex Tubb’s for some fish tacos while Tim went off to his weekly game. I told the girls the MLP’s wanted to eat tacos which motivated them to want to go in the first place. Once we were there we made every other little girl and some boy scouts, jealous of our ponies. But, my girls sat in their seats, ate their dinner and were so well behaved. I predict some ponies heading out to eat with us in the future. Way better than stupid crayons, which by the way we got too because those were 50% off too (glitter ones by crayola? Cool!). I had only eaten a McChicken, 1/4 of a cookie and a chocolate (another 50% find) so I devoured my food too fast and ate too much. I was so full when we got home. I haven’t felt like that in a very long time so all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch The Long Road to Christmas while playing Words With Friends.

THEN I found out what was making our house smell disgusting. Okay, I know you want to know, but it is a little embarrassing to admit. We made a crock pot turkey breast for Christmas dinner. After I had cleaned it and put away the leftover I just put the lid on the rest of the stuff, and juices in the crock pot and put it over by the sink — where it became neglected because both Tim and I hate to clean to crock pots. That, my friend, was a very disgusting smell. I think it was hidden for so long because 1. we hate cleaning clunky pans and 2. it’s colder in the kitchen so it took longer to rot.

ANYWAY….problem taken care of and a new vow to try and take care of that sort of thing right away instead of procrastinating for almost a freaking week.

I feel like I had more to say but I have been on the computer now for over and hour and it’s past midnight and I am tired and have been berating myself for not going to bed sooner. I have slept in this week too late for too many days. I felt a little bad this morning after Morella happily exclaimed to Tim “We were really hungry this morning so we fed ourselves! We had lots of grapes and candy from the candy houses.” Ugh. Need to do better!

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