So. This weekend was okay. It could have been better… It is as if the whole thing was spoiled by a dropping a huge splot of ink. White paper shines brightly from the edge, but the middle is still stained and ruined. Black and spreading lines of gray. Intent on covering everything with it’s pall.

Friday night was good. Stromkern was awesome. He played mercy seat! And I talked with Sigrid, and Dave, and Than, and of course my darling. We stayed at Tim’s brother’s house which was…an impromptu party with all the Benninghoff boys. Since Mark was playing video games I saw into the future how this scene was going to look in two hours (same thing…watching someone else play video games = lame)…and so I went to bed. The next morning Ben, Wrigley and his other roommate made a fantastic breakfast. It was great to relax before we headed out.

Saturday night we drove to Madison and had dinner at Perkins. My darling was as sweet as ever. Afterward we picked up some beer and flowers for the birthday girl and headed over to her house. Hung out…then went to the Inferno for Lard and Lace night. Thank god for the curtain behind the bar…it was nice to have a place to retreat too. Heh …I vowed I would never go to another Lard and Lace night again…. now I vow to never make vows again. :) The rest of the night was good, I actually had an okay time.

Sunday morning is when the infection started. I thought it was residue from the night before. I took some aspirin, and it diminished, but it was still there. Sigrid and I went shopping, and I got myself and Tim some cool stuff. Then we went got dressed, and went to the show. As soon as we got there, I found the infection had spread all over my head, and was raging. I took more and more aspirin with thirty minute intervals in hopes that the increasing doses would kick in. And drinking. Lots of drinking. Finally by the time A23 started, I felt better. Numb like…I had tunnel vision and couldn’t really concentrate on much else, but at least I didn’t want to die. I felt bad for all the folks I wanted to talk too…but didn’t. And those that did talk to me, for being such a lam0. I guess my willpower and social graces couldn’t conquer this headache this time.

Monday…more head ache ( I still have it as I type to you….it’s still there…lurking)…but I slept in and painkiller numbed it. Tim did his interview, and then we tried to get transcripts afterward but the Madison Universities transcript was down, and Madison Media up an disappeared. I did get to see where Ben works and view the Zor shrine in person, and eat at Noodles before coming home.

Whatta a homecoming. … Migo peed on the tarp covering the couch…and moved then to the papasan. The one thing we didn’t cover because she had never done it before…and we didn’t have anything to cover a papasan with (although we did think of using a large plastic, tablecloth….oh well….). Stupid cat. Now i am going to have to wash the cover and clean that shit up. I HATE cat waste more than almost anything. Hate it. Hate. It. I was still kind of mad at the cats for causing a social structure that force one of them to pee on furniture, that I wanted to keep them out of the bedroom. A half hour into bed time though, I knew Tim hadn’t fallen asleep.

“Just ignore them. Be strong” I said.

“But I want my babies!” came his plaintive reply.

The “babies” won.

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