unseasonably warm

Today the temperature hit 51 F. That is amazing, and it indeed broke records for being so warm. I took the girls out shopping to Target for what I hope is the last box of diapers we ever have to buy for Neeners and shopped with Lowen a bit. Afterward we went tot Walgreens to get our passport photos taken…I can’t tell you how adorable Neeners turned out. When it was her turn she stood in front of the white screen and looked down. We asked her to look up and she didn’t, instead she started to get that look of a ‘no’ tantrum brewing and then Tim said “I will get candy after this is done…” and her face immediately lit up into a smile We asked her not to smile and she dropped it, but at the very last second one side of her mouth went up … oh we’ll I should take photo of the photos so you can see. ADORABLE!

One thing I was sad about was thinking about how in 10 years I am going to look back on what a whippersnapper I am now. Sigh.

Anyway. So then we came home and the girls rode their scooter outside while I vacuumed the car. Then we all went on a family dog walk. I made fish sticks and mandarin orange and spinach salad with home made dressing (feta and almond slices) and we ate. Then I played with the girls for an hour and put them to bed.

Morella got up only once and I even worked on a project in which I painted some wood with old paint and stuck glitter on it. tomorrow I intend on gluing some fancy pictures to it before screwing in a ton of little cup hooks. I plan on hanging this in my room and draping dozens of necklaces and bracelets on it. While I was working on that I watched the movie Possession, which I know is a favorite for some of my friends. It was nice.

Today was good. Very productive and lots of little tasks were completed. I realized however after the girls went to bed that I had overdone it. It is so difficult to restrain yourself on the first full day of feeling better.

Oh Laima came over with the auctions Tim and I had won from her party. I took photos of the cards and the end result, which I will share you when I get around to hooking up the laptop again.

Lastly, I am feeling melancholy over putting the Christmas decorations away this weekend. In particular the Christmas clock that plays songs every hour. The next time we take it out and hear those tinny tunes the girls will be 3 and 5 and a whole year will have passed filled with exuberant life. But it will go by so fast. So very fast.

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