–Neenrs is coughing up a storm tonight. I gave her some medicine to see if that will help, but so far not yet. I wonder if she caught that weird coughing thing Morella had last week or two weeks ago. She finally stopped and is feeling better. Meanwhile Tim is under the weather with a mysterious bug that has him feeling miserable. I, however, feel like a million bucks since the iron supplementation kicked in. I can’t believe how bad I had let the anemia go, just goes to show you when it is slow building, you don’t notice it. Hurray for feeling better — for me at least.

–had Chuck, Kathleen and Daphne over for a successful playdate on Saturday. I love playmates with older kids because they keep themselves occupied enough to let the adults visit.

–Today we went to the Big Backyard in Brookfield for my nephews 1st birthday party. A ball was had by all.

–Last week we had another birthday party for one of the kids in Morella’s playgroup at Madtown Twisters. They loved running around, jumping and climbing. I like that we have had these opportunities to get the kids out and physical. Though maybe that is where they have been catching their mystery bugs. Ahh winter.

–Applied for our passports as a family last Wednesday. Now it is a waiting game for the passports to arrive and then schedule when we will leave for India and buy our tickets…and of course the million other things we will have to do.

–Dr. Appointments have been schedule to make sure we have the best immunization possible for the week of my birthday.

–We officially refinanced our house for 3.875 interest on Thursday. We will save about 200 a month and 30k over the life of the loan.

–I finally cleaned the house. This is big because I had been feeling so poorly for so long. I can’t believe how much more energy and zest I have again. I am even doing the push up challenge again and keeping up. The goal is to do do as many push ups for the day of the year. It is easy now at 15. Last time I made it to 90 something and the benefits to strength lasted quite a long time. Totally worth it.

–we just beat Borderlands and the zombie download again and have moved onto the underdone download. Tim also got me going on the Walking Dead Comics, and I have finished book 4 and am anxiously awaiting birthday comics.

–oh yeah and we started potty training Neeners last week. So far so good, except she hasn’t pooped on the potty yet and is in great distress about it.

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