Snow Day & First Poop

Today I intend on having a nice quiet day at home. No drama, no stress, no nothing. Right? It’s going to snow 4-5 inches so that will make it easier. I plan on making a batch of awesome chocolate chip cookies. All children will get along and Soren will take a decent nap, if he knows what is good for him. At first I thought it wasn’t going to be possible because you need 3 sticks of butter, but guess who found an extra pound on the bottom shelf? This lady! Ha ha, who has extra pounds of butter floating around their fridge?

I was just talking with Tim last night about how Neeners and Soren are competing for attention, and how by next year these two are going to be best buds. It’s hard to see it right now because Soren hasn’t passed the 17 month mark, but it will come.

Yesterday after an enormous fight with my Mom calling to ask for money, I took the kids to the Children’s Museum. They hadn’t left the house since Tuesday when I took them out to play in the front yard….and before that it was … oh I don’t know, Sunday. It was the coldest day of the year and we haven’t been there in like 8 months, and I had let my membership lapse back in October. I was going to wait until I knew I was going to need it — like now. Off we went and got there around 12:30. We played for 20 minutes and then ate lunch and then played more for a total of 3 hours being there. I maxed out our parking for once. I LOVE going there around that time because everyone is home with their napping kids.

I think we will be going more often now that Neeners is older and is more interested in playing with the things and doesn’t need a nap. Those pesky naps. I know people love them. I loved them…but honestly putting life on hold for them and walking around them like you are eggshells sucks. I find it way easier to just go about our day and then if a kid crashes out for a 1/2 hour later on, then so be it.

We came home and watched Super Why while Neeners while we all passed out on the couch for a while. Neeners actually fell asleep in the car ride home and Morella and I just rested and chilled. OH I made myself one of those Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee with Sugar and Cream coffee’s and it’s good. Yeah, it is. I might have to go back and buy more of them. It was $3 something for 10 packets, which is a lot cheaper than the starbucks version that doesn’t even have cream and sugar in it. :P It is just nice to have an instant option late in the day when going back out is a pain in the ass, as is making another pot of coffee. Plus, I feel very European having instant coffee in the afternoon.

Big news last night. After going to the bathroom countless times to rip off little pieces of paper and stick them in butt (trying to push the poop back in), reading books and singing songs and trying and trying and trying, I gave up and went back to the living room to work on a duplo maze when I heard a miracle “Mommy! I pooped in the potty.” I rushed in there to see two small turds sitting in the potty and Neeners standing there pant-less. I I checked her pull up (which she still had on after an museum accident) and it was clean, as was her butt — she really did sit down and let poop fall out of her butt! Hurray! I promised her soda if she could do it and I had to pay up. I went into the kitchen too look for it and discovered I only had Coke Classic. No way on earth would I give those kids coke a 1/2 hour before bedtime. So I called my neighbor and asked if she had a can of clear soda she could spare and ran over to get it. She had Sprite Zero. I guess I need to go and buy some pooping soda today. Or walk there…oh I guess I could sled them there. Park our sled next to the building…chances are someone would steal it though.

Last night while Tim was at gaming I sat on the couch and watched TV: Modern Family, Once Upon a Tim (The queen is beautiful…come on, she is….and there is just something about Rumplestitskin…and the new guy in town IS very handsome). I finished the evening with some ridiculous Family Guy and Big Bang Theory before going to bed. I hate periods. I wish I could turn them off. I still think those women who talk about how awesome or powerful or whatever they feel about it are deluded.

Oh the show is over. I guess it is time to turn of the TV and let the girls start fighting about something.

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