Shots and Passports

We got our passports today! I stood there looking at the mail for a full minute trying to comprehend why we had flat rate envelopes addressed to each of us and how that was weird for junk mail. Then it occurred to me the actual contents and we all opened them up and jumped around excitedly. Now we can buy our tickets and get our visas! India here we come!

Today was the grown up turns to get jabbed with needles. I was expecting three shots tops for me: typhoid, flu and tetanus, but to my delight I got Hepatitis A and polio (again). My arms are very painful right now and I just took some ibuprofen and am drinking a cider to drown the pain. Oy. Tim says that he is having no problems. I am sure you are all relieved to know that. The girls were good being there too and I think it was important for them to see that grown ups get shots too. Maybe it lessens the pain they were in.

Morella slept in until 9:30 this morning after going to bed last night at 7:30 and then she took a big 2 hour nap in the after noon and then went to bed at 9:00. I am shocked that she is sleeping so much. Maybe she is still processing her shots but also, maybe she is growing. They are starting to get through their clothes faster. It will be fun trying to figure out what to bring to India — lots of summer dresses, t-shirts and shorts — which will hopefully make it easier to pack and treat the clothing with insect protection.

Tonight we had our first ho-chunk language lesson of the year and it went well. After that I took the girls to Micheal’s to look around. I got a $2 dollar grab bag that had a ton of great things in it. It was like Christmas in a plastic bag. Then we went to Target to get some toothpaste and more band aid’s because the girls go through those things like candy. I was getting tired of using berry flavored Aim. I like having a minty mouth after brushing my teeth.

I think I might actually be able to go to bed at a decent time tonight and hopefully not sleep in too late tomorrow. We don’t have any plans for this weekend. I wonder how we will fill it. It’s has been awhile since we had nothing on the docket.

Ugh, I don’t have anything else to say right now. This past weekend I had a lovely dinner party hosted by my friend Lowen on Saturday. I got to play Catch Phrase for a few rounds and that was exciting and we did fondue. Then Sunday we had Madison’s best brunch at the Fitchburg Great Dane. Monday the girls got their shots and earned themselves a new pony and an afternoon of TV watching on the couch. Morella got four shots and she had a fever from them on Tuesday, which was my birthday. We stayed in the whole day — with a short outing to get a cake and some side salads to accompany our bagels and lox dinner. Tim gave me a drill set and some Walking Dead comics, Catch Phrase, more memory for the Xbox so we could download more Borderlands games and a new download. I gave myself an owl rug, trash can, shower hooks and a bath towel set. Tim’s Mom gave me a black and white Owl handmade pillow case and gift card to the movies and my only birthday card. My friend Laima gave me a post card book, and my friend Emily gave me a new journal. I think I made out pretty good!

Now begins the 36th year of my life — I can’t say I am in my late 30′s but I still stand by being middle aged. :P

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