Friday morning

My arms are still sore today, but not like last night. I actually had to take some medicine for that, and I went to bed around 12:00 and was asleep by 12:30. That is like a new record. I got up this morning with Neeners at 7:15 and then dozed for awhile while letting Neeners watching Thomas the Train on Netflix next to me.

Looks like we might be heading out the last week of February for India, which gives me a month to get things in order. I am starting to formulate a fantasy that I can declutter and clean this house to amazing specs before the trip so that when we return it will be .. nice.

The girls are sitting on the floor watching Little Bill. They have a My Little Pony tea pot house sitting on a plastic bagged 30 rolls of Cottenelle toilet paper with mardi gras beads drapped all over it. Right now it is their “Teaboat”. Ha ha. Teaboat/train. I got the girls some $1 spray bottles last night at Target with the idea that we would go out with some colored water and spray the snow, but Neeners lost her freaking straw in the car ride home. I hope I can find it this morning and that she didn’t actually lose it at Target. I guess I can use the old, washed out Frebreeze bottle if that is the case….sigh. Neeners. Morella did say we couldn’t do it in other people’s yards because that might bother them too much. They might say “What the hay?”

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