Winter Blahs

A recollection of the last week and our outings. I can assure you that on most home days, I don’t get dressed. Though I did yesterday because I was feeling particularly ambitious after cleaning up my room.

Monday – Left the house to go to the Clinic for the children’s shots.

Tuesday – Watched TV. Birthday. Morella was ill from shots. Left house briefly to buy a cake and some side salads at HyVee.

Wednesday – Stayed home. Soren was here.

Thursday – Went to the UW Hospital for adult immunizations. I got five shots. Tim got four. My arms hurt and Tim said he was rock solid. Later I took the kids to a Ho-Chunk language lesson, Micheal’s and Target.

Friday – Stayed in the house all day. Soren was here. We took naps. Tim had a reaction to his immunizations and was fevered and sick.

Saturday – Took the girls to the Post Office and then Mall to play with the Train Table at Barnes and Nobles and then get a Calendar with Sigrid and Matt — the played in those car carts that you have to rent for awhile.

Sunday – Stayed in all day. The kids left for 40 min to play outside while Tim shoveled.

Yesterday we instituted – “No More Milk in Sippy Cups” rule. Which is, you only get milk with meals and that is it. Otherwise you get a water in your cup, and most importantly, you get water in your cup when you go to bed at night. Morella was pretty worried about it, but in the end was okay. She didn’t eat much last night, but then again neither did Neeners.

This morning she woke up at 7 and ran into our room saying “I am hungry!” Tim got up to get her some breakfast but she didn’t eat anything. She sipped some milk and then went back to bed only to emerge five minutes later saying she needed to “spit up”. So she went to the bathroom and spit up. She worked on a saltine after that, and then barfed it up a bit later. Currently she is on her second piece of toast — we feel that might be too early but the girl is hungry and gobbling it up. We’ll see.

Okay so I do get out of the house … occasionally. But you know, when it is warm and sunshiny (it is not sunny today) then I leave the house for several hours each day. In the height of summer awesomeness we only spend a few hours inside a day.

So the girls are watching a lot of TV this morning. They usually never watch more than an hour a day — broken up, so days like this is a holiday. I am not sure what to do with myself in these cases since they are so absorbed. Do I take a nap? I spent a lot of the morning reading articles all over the internet. I can’t remember the last time I went surfing actually looking for things to read. Generally it feels like I am catching up when I am on.

The coffee is gone and it’s not even 11. I am showered and dressed though, so that is a plus. So when is Neeners gonna get this? Tomorrow? Later today? They were kissing and hugging each other Saturday night so any hope of not having shared germs was lost then. Maybe Neeners nagging cough (she coughed so much two days ago that she barfed) is keeping it at bay.

Maybe I will think of this an golden opportunity to do more “deep” cleaning of the house. Last week the floors were all hand scrubbed. I found the floor to my bedroom yesterday. I should keep up with the theme of clearing off surfaces. I have a pile of papers all over the place that need to be addressed.

Oh, gotta make more toast.

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